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Friday, August 11, 2006

AH-HA! Proof of the Conspiracy

From Al Reuters:

Rove called Lieberman on voting day
Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:49pm ET167

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (Reuters) - Karl Rove, a top political adviser to President Bush said on Thursday he had called Sen. Joseph Lieberman to wish him well in the Democratic primary in Connecticut this week.

Top Republicans, including Vice President Dick Cheney, have taken the unusual step of publicly commenting on the results of the Democratic primary that Lieberman lost on Tuesday to an anti-war challenger.

"I called him. He's a personal friend," Rove told reporters traveling with Bush to Wisconsin. The call was made late Tuesday afternoon, the day of the primary won by challenger Ned Lamont, who painted Lieberman as too cozy with Bush.

Rove said he called Lieberman "and wished him well on his election that night," and that reports he had offered to help the senator were "completely inaccurate."

Bush did not know until Thursday morning about his call to Lieberman, Rove said.

Democrats see Lieberman's loss in the primary as a referendum on Bush and the Iraq war, while Republicans say it shows that Democrats are soft on national security issues.

As if we did not already know that the Connecticut Jew was part of the Neo-Con CABAL!

I am sure the Moonbats will go balistic.

Civility is not The Left's Long suit.

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Brian said...

Wait, isn't that an impeachable offense for Bush's political advisor to call a potential new independent?

It's nothing short of TREASON!



ARC: Brian