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Thursday, July 27, 2006

UN Provides Military Support for Jihadists

H/T to ProteinWisdom and the rabbit hole that I followed.

I mean, what is going on in this video?

It looks to me like the UN ambulances, spotting some "militant" activity in Gaza decided to patrol the area, in case they were needed. Then, when all hell breaks loose, the UN vans give the jihadists a lift.

I could understand if the guys were injured and everything, but is the UN supposed to be providing logistical support to "militants" in combat? I mean, they're jumping into the ambulance with their #@%$#ing AK-47s!

This isn't a sign that they've given up the fight and are trying to avoid casualties as they retreat from the battlefield - they're taking advantage of their buddies in the UN to redeploy them.

Just curious, but I don't think that's in the UN charter or any resolution....

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