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Thursday, July 20, 2006

OliverWillis & I Agree

On Cynthia McKinney:

For The Love Of God, Georgia
Published July 19th, 2006 in Politics, 2006 Election.
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Don’t send Cynthia McKinney back to Washington. My cousin lives in McKinney’s district. Embarrased is too soft a word to describe the sentiment.

Although, I s'pose from a Rovian standpoint, I really want her to be in a position to be the mouthpiece of the Moonbat Left - a position which she's been so successful at in the past.

Hmmmm.... I guess it comes down to how much damage she can do as a congresswoman.... hmmmm

And for someone who didn't show up for the debates, I think she did surprisingly well. Perhaps if she'd actually participated, she wouldn't have this runoff? This doesn't say much about the voters in her district.

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Comments (3)
Monterey John said...

Agreement with Oliver? This has got to be a sign of The End Times!

Stupid Country said...

Agreement with Stupid Country too, alas. Didn't we once have an argument about crazy uncles? I gotta give you this one. I hope that pleases you.

St Wendeler said...

:-) It does, SC....

Does Cynthia know how messed up she is?