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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moonbats React to Ken Lay's "Death"

If you've got a few minutes and are willing to lose some brain cells, check out this post from Democratic Underground which appeared shortly after the news of Ken Lay's death hit. I was going to post on this yesterday, but sometimes it's best to let the paranoia build for a while before checking the net.

It's amazing... This is why I have such trouble engaging Leftists in thoughtful discussions and debates - they clearly have cornered the tinfoil market.

Here are a few examples (but by no means is this a comprehensive sampling). First, the DUers seem to have a desire to desecrate Ken's body and or run it through an extensive autopsy.

Posted by Sentinel Chicken on Thu Jul-06-06 07:18 AM

I want to poke his corpse in the eye with a stick to make sure ..
he's not faking it.

Posted by yurbud on Wed Jul-05-06 12:14 PM

Bush will have to put him on display like Uday & Qasay. Did he have

any metal plates in his bones like Uday, or a pacemaker or something we could pull out to verify it's him?

Next, the conspiracy theories... We're all just sheeple for believing that it was an actual heart attack.
Posted by ToolTex on Wed Jul-05-06 04:05 PM

I want to see DNA, fingerprints, dental records, etc.
I just don't buy that he is dead. Way, way, too, convenient.

Posted by jasop on Wed Jul-05-06 10:56 AM

This is so typical...
how many people are so blind as to think that everyone connected to something sinister with a reason to expose it will just suddenly have a heart attack. One of the EASIEST types of deaths to induce.

It is amazing how many rich and powerful guys have been disappearing, found dead, etc. in the last 7 years. Google it.. you will be amazed.

Oh, I'm amazed, jasop - By your stupidity.

Posted by goclark on Wed Jul-05-06 11:20 AM

And what was he ready to tell on Bush to get off?
He knew a LOT and I bet he would be ready to TALK big time now.

Posted by wallwriter on Wed Jul-05-06 10:53 AM

I say it was the BFEE [ed - Bush Family Evil Empire for you home-gamers]

All the time that Chimpy spent on ENRON's corproate jet? I'm sure Kenny Boy knew way too much and that he was too much of an albatross to pardon. They might as well have sent him hunting with Cheney...

Then the talk about this being a Bush coup. Of course, someone chimes in to remind the faithful that the coup already occured in Bush v Gore.
Posted by Prophet 451 on Wed Jul-05-06 11:04 AM

Is it too early...
to start thinking that there's a real possibility that BushCo will stage a coup rather than leave office?

Posted by QuettaKid on Wed Jul-05-06 11:08 AM

a little late with the coup talk. that happened in Nov. 2000. nt.

Next comes the speculation about the wider implications... Cheney energy task force, Abramoff, etc:
Posted by havocmom on Wed Jul-05-06 11:37 AM

Anybody else hearing the theme from Godfather movies just now?
All that evening up of old scores and tying up loose ends while the family held parties and such?

Maybe the room where bush was walking around with the cake yesterday really was that hot. Nobody else seemed drenched in sweat though.

Was Ken Lay at Cheney meetings to determine national energy policy with energy execs? You all remember those meetings... the ones Dick won't release notes on? Who all was there? What was discussed that Dick defies oversight and transparency? What might Kenny-boy know that he could bargain with?

It isn't always tin-foil thinking. Some of us have detectives in the family. ;)

Edited to add:

Message to Abramoff?

Posted by FighttheFuture on Wed Jul-05-06 11:04 AM

Very suspicious!! Bu$hitCo dodges another bullet! Or, did they...
actually fire one at Lay? I give it better than 90% that foul play was involved.

And now, the DUers provide their medical opinions of Mr. Lay:
Posted by Prophet 451 on Wed Jul-05-06 11:12 AM

It's not difficult to induce a heart attack and half the drugs wouldn't stand out unless you specifically looked for them. Hell, it's possible to induce a heart attack using pure psychology.

Posted by Alcibiades on Wed Jul-05-06 08:01 PM

He had no earlobe crease
as everybody knows, a diagonal crease in the earlobe is quite possibly one of the best indicators of coronary disease, yet Lay has none in any of the photos I've seen.

I don't think this was a coincidence.

Ahh, the base of the Democratic party in all of its glory.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (2)
Ayman said...

They are way late on the conspiracy son! I blew that up 15 minutes after he kicked the bucket.

I keep it hot!

Stupid Country said...

I have nothing in particular to say about Lay's death, or even about Lay, but there is an object lesson to be drawn from the accounting scandals of this decade, for which Lay was the poster boy.

The lesson is that, notwithstanding the conservative conventional wisdom about minimal government and unfettered free enterprise being the engine that makes this country great...Enron, Worldcom, Tyco and all the other frauds (which have not ended with these cases) underscore the fact that government has no monopoly on waste, mismanagement and fraud. Those are things private companies do just as effectively.

I'm not saying these are qualitatively different kinds of scandals from those we've seen before. They just serve as a reminder when they come to light during the tenure of an administration driven by the neocon vision.

Government agencies generally come into existence because they are needed. We find that out sometimes because they do what they do effectively, and sometimes because when they are underfunded and disdained, they fail spectacularly.

I choose to see these events as evidence of the fundamental emptiness of the whole conservative program. Like it or not, government serves a purpose, and gutting government leaves a hole that matters in people's lives, and one the private sector won't or can't fill.

I hear executives cursing Sarbanes-Oxley all the time. My advice: Shut up and deal with it.