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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Left Supports the Troops

As long as they're dead and they can be used in a political ad.

What better way to show your support, right? I mean, other than asking that those deaths be in vain and everything...

And I just love the Clinton voiceover. Was that 6 years ago???

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Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah because Clinton's approval rating never went below 50% despite all efforts to smear him and impeach him on bogus charges.
And where are aWol's approval ratings? Hmmm, they can't get above 40%. He's your albatross. Wear him with pride.

St Wendeler said...

I guess I don't have a prob with an ad featuring Clinton... I know it certainly wouldn't hurt for the GOP to feature Reagan in an ad, but of course I don't remember an instance of that in recent years (off the top of my head).

My main beef is using our dead heroes for a political ad.

Ayman said...

And Bush kills them so what's the difference?

Ayman said...

Exactly no comment.....

Back your shit up with real facts™


St Wendeler said...

Sorry, Ayman... have been in an undisclosed location for a few days.

Does Bush kill them? Or is it @sshat terrorists?

Stupid Country said...

Actually, for all the fun neocon bloggers are having with it, I thought it was a pretty effective spot.

You know, if those caskets are so sacred, it would behoove the President to show some respect by showing up occasionally to salute when they roll off the planes in Dover. Wouldn't you think after being beaten up over this little oversight for almost 4 years, he would finally make an appearance?

I realize 2500+ funerals is asking a lot. Maybe just one a week?

Ayman said...


He sent them over there didn't he? Do we really need to be in Iraq? No. Everyone knows that Saddam was not a bigf threat.

Same thing applies to Kim Jong!

St Wendeler said...

Yes, picking 1 funeral to attend would be fair to the others...

and I seem to recall FDR going to all of those funerals... and JFK... and LBJ... and Nixon... and Clinton... (Did he show up for the 19 war dead from Somalia that he had a hand in, fearing that providing tanks in the assault would escalate the situation?)

And yes, Ayman... good point about Kim.

And yes, our war dead are sacred and are treated as such by most Americans... at least, those not suffering from BDS and an irresistable desire for power - ie, Democrats.

Stupid Country said...

I'd settle for one tasteful photo op, with the Preznit looking a little misty. More than we've ever seen from this administration, which specifically frowns on Dover photo ops.

Sorry...been living under a rock in New Jersey...what's "BDS"?

St Wendeler said...

Happy to fill you in, SC. Via Wikipedia:

Stupid Country said...

Ah. BDS. Clever. Thanks. I suppose I show a lot of the outward signs. Truth is, though, Bush is only a transient figure. He's the first president we've had whose whole program is pure neocon ideology. It's that ideology that makes me go a bit Travis Bickel, not Bush himself.

Bush is just a foul-mouthed buffoon from whom conservatives will have a very easy time distancing themselves in 2008. That process has already begun. Bush's many failures will be issues working against the GOP this year and beyond, and it actually will work to their advantage to write Bush the man off as an incompetent steward of the conservative vision. That will allow them to maintain that the vision itself is the right one for the country -- it just needs a new standard-bearer who won't make the same mistakes. Makes Iraq, Katrina, all those ineffectual trips abroad, etc., inconvenient but irrelevant for the next guy, doesn't it?

It's the snake shedding its skin to become a newer, nastier snake, as I see it from my moonbat vantage point. I feel badly about that metaphor. Snakes are actually rather useful members of the ecosystem. Do cockroaches molt?