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Monday, July 17, 2006

Kossack or Heaven's Gate Cultist?

Proof that it's tough to distinguish between cultists and Kossacks.

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A Moonbat Kossack steps up to the video camera and shoots a couple of hours of himself nodding at Juan Cole.

the horror... the horror. Here's a portion of the video that I've transcribed for your enjoyment:

All the news that I get, I get from DailyKos. I don't go to Yahoo!, I don't go to, and I don't watch television news, that's for sure. Now if I'm interested in something more analytical, maybe some post that'll last a little longer, then I'll go to Booman Tribune. Or i'll go to My Left Wing, with the inimitable Mary Scott O'Connor. All three of these blogs are reality based. Now, what the hell does that mean? Well, it means that they back up with their opinions with facts that they reference through links on the internet and those links are generally well-respected sources. And if they aren't, then people jump all over their case, and troll rate them into oblivion.

Ahhh, yes... "sources." And for those who don't konw My Left Wing founder Mary Scott O'Connor, here's the profile that the WaPo provided of her miserable life.

Fortunately, they also include this picture of her blogging (is she wearing pajamas?!?), red wine at the ready, screaming at the camera.

Sorry, back to the Moonbat we're profiling today:
Well, it's full disclosure time: I'm a blogger, too. I've posted on DailyKos for almost a year and a half. And on Booman Tribune. And I'm just getting started on My Left Wing. My call sign is "MarkInSanFran," because my name is Mark and I live in San Francisco. But, in order to be more open to those of different persuasions, I have changed my callsign to "Diogenes," but you can call me "DIO," which is really the callsign.
"MarkInSanFran" - Very original. Changed to "Diogenes" to be more open to people of different persuasions... is he talking about Greeks? I'm confused...
I'm also trying to reach out by wearing a red shirt - to appeal better to the red-staters. And I'm sporting an asymmetrical collar, that has been made so popular by our President.
Ok, I have no idea what the @#$ you're talking about. First, when I see red, I don't think about red states. I think about communist totalitarianism. Oh, and my favorite Little Flyer wagon from when I was a kid, but I digress.... Lose the red. Asymmetrical collar? Did I hear that right? What are you smoking, my friend?!?

And, just a note... if you also write for all of the blogs you mention, perhaps you should venture out when you want to get news. You know, visit DemocraticUnderground... or perhaps visit The Nation... of The New Republic. You know, stuff that normal poli-geeks read. Just reading those blogs shows that you're unhinged.

And one other point... why do the Lefty blogs seem to form over-bearing communities, while Right-wing blogs, with some exceptions, seem to be individualized/small group rants? Curious....

Now, he gets to the point about this damn video:
Ok, so what about Iraq? Well, I generally tend to go to the source as much as I can. I've read a lot on the blogs about Iraq, and one particular blog that I didn't mention is called Juan Cole is a person who actually knows something. He's not just an opinionated person who knows how to write or who knows how to talk on TV a hell of a lot better than I do.

Yes, go to the source.... Juan Cole. "Someone who knows something." heh

I suppose that when you know very little, talking to someone who knows something is pretty awe inspiring - worthy of a video that you share with the world on Google. Anyway, what follows is an hour of Mark aka "Dio" aka "Moonbat-Supreme" nodding while Juan Cole looks around the room.

It'll make your eyes bleed if you watch too much, but basically Cole gives us a high school history lesson, discusses spamming, etc. One thing I love is that he asks Cole whether walling off Iraq into three distinct countries would be a good idea... that's his contribution. And even Juan Cole tells him that would be disastrous.

Then, Juan Cole says that pulling out of Iraq immediately would be disastrous. I wonder if this is what Mark / Dio / Moonbat-Supreme thought he would hear when he scheduled the interview?

There are 6 parts to this video... if you're able to handle that much Moonbattery, Mark is willing to dish it up.

Your Co-Conspirator,
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