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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

GOP Strategery for 2006 Midterms

Apparently Karl Rove's strategery to win the 2006 mid-terms is starting to play out. See, Karl thought it'd be a good idea to get every failed Democratic Presidential candidate to make idiotic statements in the press as the mid-terms approach, just to remind the voters why they should vote for the GOP. So, first in the lineup is Dukakis (Mondale wanted to hold off until just prior to the mid-terms, so he could have a bigger impact. Karl's actually trying to get him to run for Congress again to guarantee the defeat, like he did in '02).

H/T to Tom Maguire at JustOneMinute.

If we are really serious about turning back the tide of illegal immigration, we should start by raising the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to something closer to $8. The Massachusetts legislature recently voted to raise the state minimum to $8 and California may soon set its minimum even higher. Once the minimum wage has been significantly increased, we can begin vigorously enforcing the wage law and other basic labor standards.

Millions of illegal immigrants work for minimum and even sub-minimum wages in workplaces that don’t come close to meeting health and safety standards. It is nonsense to say, as President Bush did recently, that these jobs are filled by illegal immigrants because Americans won’t do them. Before we had mass illegal immigration in this country, hotel beds were made, office floors were cleaned, restaurant dishes were washed and crops were picked — by Americans.


But if we want to reduce illegal immigration, it makes sense to reduce the abundance of extremely low-paying jobs that fuels it. If we raise the minimum wage, it’s possible some low-end jobs may be lost; but more Americans would also be willing to work in such jobs, thereby denying them to people who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. And tough enforcement of wage rules would curtail the growth of an underground economy in which both illegal immigration and employer abuses thrive.

Raising the minimum wage and increasing enforcement would prove far more effective and less costly than either proposal currently under consideration in Congress. If Congress would only remove its blinders about the minimum wage, it may see a plan to deal effectively with illegal immigration, too.

Wait a minute.... what's the unemployment rate again? We don't have a problem of people not being able to find good paying jobs. We have a problem of not having enough labor to satisy demand - which means that most jobs go for much higher than the minimum and (unethical) employers take advantage of illegals at lower wages.

Dukakis is a tool... If he thinks we have an illegal immigration problem when they're being paid less than the min wage, does he think they'll be less likely to come to the US for even higher wages? Or does he think that employers will be less likely to seek out illegal immigrants so they can take advantage of their status and pay them something less than $8/hr?

A guest worker program would resolve the issue, but must be combined with border security. I approach the issue purely from an economic and national security perspective and my libertarian leanings start to emerge. I realize that I part company with much of the conservative base on this issue, but damnit... it's what Karl has told me to do.

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