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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Evacuation from Lebanon and American Idiocy

I was not believing my ears today when I listened to and watched the MSM coverage of the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon by cruiseliner. You would have thought it was the Ship of Fools. It was embarassing.

People were complaining about the fact that it was hot and that there was not much food aboard the charterd Norwegian cruiseship for a trip of a few hours. I have a flash for the media and the morons they were covering: in July in the Mideast it is HOT. This is news? You are surprised?

People in Beirut were being bombed, and these impossibly immature people were complaining about there less than five star accomodations on their short trip to Cyprus.. They had the unmentionable gaul to compare their evacuation to the experience of the folks getting out of New Orleans during Katrina.

Then there was the matter of the State Department asking for $200 per person in partial re-payment of the cost of getting these idiots out of a war zone. You would have thought they were being held up and refused passage unless they came up with the measely two hundred bucks. Welllllll... firestorm over at CNN. Of course the Foggy Bottom weaklings folded.

What was this really all about?

Of course the MSM was once again trying to make President Bush look bad. I suppose a few folks will buy into this most recent driveby shooting of W. But I suspect most folks will react as I did. The whining passengers were ungrateful idiots and the media are transparently seditious.

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