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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Dhimmitude of the Left

Is apparently a core feature regardless of the situation or geography. The latest example comes from Israel, where the Left is calling for negotiations with Hamas and Hizbollah (I kid you not):

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war

Thousands march in Tel Aviv to protest Lebanon fighting, call on soldiers to refuse taking part in war. Clashes with passersby erupt during event, activists called 'traitors'
Attila Somfalvi

Thousands of left-wing activists, including many Arab citizens, marched Saturday evening from the Rabin Square to the Cinematheque plaza in Tel Aviv in protest of the fighting in Lebanon. The protestors held up signs with slogans against the war and called for an immediate ceasefire.

According to the demonstrators, a prisoner exchange deal with Hizbullah must be struck, as well as a similar deal with Hamas. Marchers also urged IDF soldiers not to take part in the Lebanon operation, chanting: "Listen up, soldier – it's your duty to refuse." Other slogans recited by the participants were: "The occupation is a disaster, leave Lebanon now," "Olmert and Bush have struck a deal – to carry on with the occupation," and "Children in Beirut and Haifa want to go on living."

Anti-war march in Tel Aviv. Soldiers called on to refuse (Photo: Eli Elgarat)

The activists, among them Knesset Member Mohammad Barakeh (Hadash) and other Arab MKs, waved a Palestinian flag as well as red flags adorned with the communist hammer and sickle symbol. Signs with the motto "Peace Now" were also raised in the rally, but the organization stressed it did not take part in the event.

I can't wait until the Jewish population in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran voices their opinions about stopping the violence to their respective governments... oh, wait...

But, what is it about the statist/communist Left worldwide that is willing to submit to the violence of their enemies, as long as they get increased public funding for education and healthcare?

For more examples of this dhimmitude, check out Gateway Pundit's coverage of protests in New York (where I'll be heading this evening, oh boy!!) and London (where George Galloway said: "Hizbollah is not a terrorist group and I am here to glorify the Lebanese resistance movement."

(I seem to recall Christopher Hitchens warning the crowd during his debate with Galloway that (paraprhasing) "you have no idea who you're cheering for and in 10 years you will regret doing so."

Meanwhile, the Israeli military is activating its reserves (against the cries of the Israeli (Jewish & Arab) Left) and preparing for what may be the final blow against Hezbollah.

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