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Friday, July 07, 2006

Chancellor Commits Suicide - Let's Blame Michelle Malkin

H/T OliverWillis

UC-Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton committed suicide in late June and the possible reason are still being determined. Denton came under criticism from Michelle Malkin and the blogosphere when the UC-Santa Cruz students protested against military recruiters on campus. Oh, and the Opinion Journal highlighted some other, minor issues involving the Chancellor.

The take from the Moonbats at the American Prospect? Here you go:


You may have missed this story, but it's worth a look. It appears that Michelle Malkin is taking some heat from her compadres on the right because she failed to apologized after heaping a great deal of vitriol on a woman who subsequently committed suicide.

Well, now Malkin has lashed back at her critics. Her response? She smeared the dead woman again, calling her a "corruptocrat."

This is quite a tale. Here's what happened: Not long ago the news broke that some military recruiters fled a University of California Santa Cruz job fair after some protestors forced their way into the fair. Malkin immediately sprang into action. She wrote that "UC Santa Cruz hates our troops," described the school as "seditious" and instructed her on-line army of pod people to direct their wrath at UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denise Denton, even though it wasn't at all clear why she should be held responsible for the protests. Naturally, Malkin posted contact info so the pod people could more easily shriek and howl about what a traitor this Chancellor apparently was.

Well, on June 24, Denton, 46, went and jumped from the roof of one of the tallest buildings in San Francisco. The reasons are murky, though news reports say that politics, scandal and her high public profile may have played a role. Did the attacks from Malkin and her marching followers play a role, too? No one has alleged that, in fairness. On the other hand, being fingered by the Malkin gang wouldn't exactly ease one's mental anguish, obviously.

Note the glossing over of the "scandals" which in all likelihood was the primary reason for Denton's suicide. Here's more info on that from the Mercury News:
San Francisco police said Denton's body was reported at 8:17 a.m. Saturday outside the Paramount apartments where her partner, Gretchen Kalonji, lives. The luxury rentals on Mission Street at Third feature a 44th-story rooftop deck.

Officials at the San Francisco Medical Examiner's Office, who are treating the death as a suicide and leading the investigation, said Sunday an autopsy and toxicology tests will not be complete for about a week. San Francisco police spokesman Sgt. Neville Gittens would not confirm or deny reports that Denton's mother was in the apartment at the time of her death.
But almost from the moment she took the $275,000-a-year job as UC-Santa Cruz's ninth leader, she faced turmoil.

The UC system did not initially reveal it had also hired Kalonji to a newly created position in the UC Office of the President that paid $192,000 annually, which drew calls of nepotism from employee unions. Kalonji, an engineering professor, was Denton's romantic partner for nine years.

More recently, Denton's name surfaced in a UC executive compensation scandal because she received benefits that weren't disclosed when she was hired. She also came under fire for adding a $30,000 dog run as part of $600,000 in renovations to the chancellor's campus home.

At the same time, Santa Cruz residents organized to try to fight the university's planned expansion to 21,000 students, student groups protested tuition increases, and conservative commentators criticized her vehemently after student protesters forced military recruiters to leave the campus during a job fair.

So, she gets a fat paying job... sets her partner up with a job in the office of the President (they now have a combined annual income of almost half a million), gets the University to pony up an additional $120k for her and her partner to move into their respective residences, adds a dog run to her home at the expense of the university, and then wants to jack up the tuition and expand the size of the student body to 21,000... and what ultimately caused her death was "vehement" criticism from commentators over her students' anti-American / anti-military views?

yeah, that makes sense. These are just the scandals that we know about... and in addition, who knows what other personal troubles she might have been dealing with.

It's a sad story, for sure. But it's even sadder when the folks at the American Prospect, OliverWillis, and Reason use it to score political points against Malkin.

Here's Malkin's response, which provides a good rebuttal...

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Comments (2)
Monterey John said...

This one happened right here in my backyard. This woman should have been canned a year ago, and may well have been heading that way when she took her final flying lesson (oh, is that insensitive?). The UC system is so corupt that words barely describe what is going on. It is a leftist mob that needs to be reined in, NOW. The folks who hired her and her "partner" need a serious looking into.

While this non-sense was going on, the janitors and others, you know, the folks who keep the place going, were in indentured servitude status.

Fortunately, it is under investigation by our senator, Abel Maldonado and others.

Ayman said...

Bush Sucks!