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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time for a Little Truth-In

In response to this post from my inestimable co-conspirator Brian, I'd like to make a pointed statement to Jason Leopold of

You were lied to. Someone fed you a line of b.s. to get you to go out on a limb so that your credibility would be tarnished. The story is no longer whether Rove will be indicted - even if he's indicted tomorrow your credibility is nothing (although I bet there are some tinfoil-hat-wearing moonbats that think you're right on target... HALLIBURTON!!!)

No, the story is no longer Karl Rove and whether he's indicted. The story is who are you sources that tried to completely destroy your career?

In order to reclaim your credibility in the blogosphere, let's be consistent and give you 24 business hours to reveal your sources.

And once you've done that, I would recommend a little shift in your branding. Change the brand from TruthOut to TruthIn. It would highlight your conscious decision from now on to focus on the facts in stories and question the motives of your sources.

Previous TruthOut posts here, in chronological order:

I'll be emailing this post to Jason and provide any of his responses here.

*** Update ***
Jeff Goldstein @ ProteinWisdom pokes fun as well.

...Or more precisely, Jason Leopold will reiterate his belief in the indictment’s imminence on Monday, muttering about it to himself over a half-dozen Wahoo’s fish tacos and a Diet Berries and Cream Dr Pepper. But that’s kinda like news, right?

Posted by Jeff Goldstein @ 10:28 PM

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Monterey John said...

Geeze, have I missed something here, St? When did the blogs become the story rather than the story being the story? Who gives a crap what that pimple faced 'tard thinks, says or does? I would not waste a good passing of gas on him.

My, aren't I in a mood this morning?

St Wendeler said...

John - It'd be one thing if this guy would come out and say, "I'm a blogger and I took myself too seriously... I was snookered by my sources."

Instead, he is still claiming that his reporting was accurate - when it clearly was not.

Perhaps I'm being nit-picky, but when someone starts a blog-swarm in the hopes of taking down the leader of our Conspiracy without a shred of evidence to back it up, I have to call him out.


St Wendeler

Monterey John said...

Well, why didn't you say so, the guy was doing his best to take down Mr. Big! Well then, do you happen to have his address handy? Some of my old clients from my days in KC might be helpful under these circumstances. You know the type I mean, that sort that lived in Northeast and their names ended in vowels. ;-) (Just kidding, not about the clients but about wanting the address.)

St Wendeler said...