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Friday, June 16, 2006

Standing Down on the Rove Matter

"Because, you know.... at some point, we just start to look stoooopid". At least, that's my translation of this post from Marc Ash at the soon to be defunct "". (How long can a blog go on when it refuses to admit that it was wrong and/or lied to and won't correct the record?)

Standing Down on the Rove Matter
By Marc Ash,
Thu Jun 15th, 2006 at 02:05:52 PM EDT

Yesterday, most Mainstream Media organizations published reports about a letter supposedly received by Karl Rove's attorney Robert Luskin. As an example of the supposed letter's contents, TIME Magazine stated that, "Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald said or wrote, 'Absent any unexpected developments, he does not anticipate seeking any criminal charges against Rove.'"

Truthout of course published an article on May 13 which reported that Karl Rove had in fact already been indicted. Obviously there is a major contradiction between our version of the story and what was reported yesterday. As such, we are going to stand down on the Rove matter at this time. We defer instead to the nation's leading publications.
But, we are so intellectual that we can hold these same contradictions in our head at the same time. And, hey... since we're just a bunch of idiot bloggers with pure partisan political motives, we're going to hand this over to the MSM to do the heavy lifting - even though our story (which proved to be total b.s.) was already being treated as fact by the MSM.

Mainstream Media (or the "corporate media to the moonbats"), PLEASE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES!!!

In that Mr. Luskin has chosen the commercial press as his oracle - and they have accepted - we call upon those publications to make known the contents of the communiqué which Luskin holds at the center of his assertions. Quoting only those snippets that Mr. Luskin chooses to characterize in his statements is not enough. If Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has chosen to exonerate Mr. Rove, let his words - in their entirety - be made public.
Luskin's cojones are so huge that he's lying about a communication he received from the Special Prosecutor, the very person who holds in his hands the fate of his client.

And, since we're a bunch of putzes that no one trusts anymore, we're asking the MSM to adopt our moonbat position and demand, DEMAND!!!, that Fitzgerald tell us who he isn't going to indict each week.

Reporter Jason Leopold

Mr. Leopold did not act alone in his reporting of this matter. His work, sources and conclusions were reviewed carefully at each step of the process. There is no indication that Mr. Leopold acted unethically.

Please keep in mind that over the years we have reported on many examples of individuals being scapegoated in crisis situations by superiors seeking cover from controversy. Truthout, however, does not do scapegoats. And we stand firmly behind Jason Leopold.
Not only was this a failure of Leopold, but the entire TruthOut Organization. And we're proud of it!

This ship is sinking and we're all going to go down with it! Hey, where's the band? I could use some entertainment one last time! Someone tell Dan Rather & Mary Mapes that we'll be joining them shortly!

The Confidentiality of Our Sources

As journalists, nothing is more critical to being able to report guarded facts than the guarantee of confidentiality we provide to our sources. Truthout has never compromised the identy of a confidential source. We will protect our sources on this story, as we have on every other story we have ever published.

Expect a more comprehensive accounting of this matter on Monday, June 19.

Marc Ash
Executive Director - Truthout
We won't be revealing our sources, nevermind whether it ruins our reputations and our careers!

Well, perhaps in 24 "business" hours... we'll get back to you! But don't hold your breath and you can go ahead and uncork that booze.


Your Co-Conspirator,
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