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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Report from the Left Coast

I've been pretty quiet of late. Lots of personal and professional stuff going on. I have also been totally uninspired by people and events. As my friend Desert Rat might say, basically in a "Grump Mode."

Well, Zarquawi's departure for the Brothel Eternal has brightened my mood considerably. Do I celebrate his demise? Yep. Now, I didn't go out in the back yard and unload an AK47 into the air, for some reason they frown on such things in California, but I was pretty well pleased by this development.

I voted in my first ever California primary this past Tuesday. Zarquawi was not yet gone, so I did not have all that much of an emotional response to this ground breaking event. But now he is gone, and by golly, I'm feeling very positive about developments in the the country's psych ward.

It appears that the rumors of Ah-nold's demise have been greatly exagerated. The Democrats had quite the bloodletting in their primary. It was the New Age Silicon Valley founder of E-Bay, Westley, versus the old pol, Angilides. The battle was a good one, and with an Angiledes win, Ah-nold's guns should be well loaded for the fall given all the stuff Westley turned up on Angiledes.

Then there was the flaming defeat of The Meathead Initiative. Rob Reiner's proposal for "universal pre-school" lost roughly 40/60. If that is an indicator of public sentiment here, well, things are looking up.

Moonbeam Brown (you remember Jerry Brown, don't you?) won the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. Moonbeam is presently the mayor of Oakland, the crime capital of the nation, kind of a Baghdad West on a bad night. Now that's a problem for the fella running for chief law enforcement officer of the state.

Truth be known, Brown, other than the crime problem, has been a good mayor. The once dying city has rebounded. Why I even donned a flak jacket and visited the downtown. It really is very nice if you ignore the crackle of occasional gunfire.

Here in Monterey County, the Republicans have won control of the Board of Supervisors, and elected Republicans to the sheriff and district attorney. We also have two Republican state senators. Not bad for an area that sits 90 miles south of San Franfreako and is, GASP!, right next to the People's Republic of Santa Cruz.

Funny enough, on a number of fronts, California may drift back to it's time honored spot in the Red State column. I'm not saying it will come off the psych meds any time soon, but there are some faint signs of recovery here.

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