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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Progressive Goal for November

It's good to see that somebody finds Harry Reid engaging and charismatic. From this weekend's YearlyKos (which is reviewed by the JawaReport here and Allah here)

I point to YearlyKos because as The Jawa Report points out, the fact that the Democratic establish is embracing the tin-foil-hat-wearing Kossacks, who regularly engage in some of the most asinine political arguments, should give us some sense of where the Democratic party is heading. And it's also important to understand what the establishment feels it should say to this crowd... Reid finished off with this tidbit (according to this DUer):

"During the Clinton years, the House Government Reforms Committee issued 1,052 subpoenas to the Clinton administration and more than that to the Democratic National Committee," said the Nevada Senator. "That's a lot of subpoenas. How many do you think they've issued regarding Abu Ghraib or Haditha? Zero. How about the war in Iraq? How many subpoenas? Zero!"

By this time, it was obviously that Reid had won over the room and he parted with a rallying cry that reminded all of what to expect in the coming months.

"We know the Republicans are going to attack us with everything they have. They do it every election -- but this time it's going to be different," said Reid in closing. "Because of you, no attack will go unanswered. You tell the truth one day at a time. You tell the truth one round at a time and, come November 7, the rounds will be over and we will declare victory."

As you can see, this apparently garnered great applause from the assembled Kossacks and this fits well with the true aims of the Dems come November. This DUer post ties things up nicely:
SavetheUSA (17 posts)
Sun Jun-11-06 11:26 PM
Original message

To Impeach or not to Impeach-That shouldn’t even be a question!

To anyone who has read the Constitution and and has any sort of need for justice, it has become blatatly obvious that the only way to uphold our Constitution and stop these criminals with sinister intentions is to Impeach Bush and Cheney immediately to stop them from committing any more atrocities, looting the treasury and prevent them from being in charge during any more national emergencies. We have been given a line of excuses as to why this hasn’t happened which goes something like this 1.We cannot impeach unless there is an investigation. 2. We cannot have an investigation unless we have a democratic majority.

First of all, Do we really need an investigation to impeach Bush over illegal wiretapping? We all know that even Bush knows what he has been doing is illegal when he stated “a wiretap requires a court order”. After this he went on national TV and declared that he had the authority to break the law and will continue to do so. Is an investigation really needed when Bush has openly admitted to breaking the law? If articles of impeachment were brought forth right now, an investigation would take place as part of the proceedings and the only logical conclusion would be to impeach Bush and Cheney. This would be the perfect opportuninty to see who is a patriot and who is a traitor before the next ‘election’.

[Link to blog post]

Vogt (11 posts)
Sun Jun-11-06 11:35 PM
Response to Original message

1. All we need

Is the House. If we get it, we can launch investigation after investigation after investigation. If so done, more than enough information warranting impeachment will surely come out. These bastards have operated with impunity for six years now. There is a treasure trove just waiting to be accessed. God deliver the House to us for the sake of justice. I can't wait to bring these fucks down.

jaxx Donating Member (798 posts)
Sun Jun-11-06 11:39 PM
Response to Original message

2. We better hurry because they're busy changing the laws

about the wiretaps. And shielding the bushies for what has happened. The whole republican party needs to be busted out of offices and sent home in shame. They have shit on America for the good of sucking up to gw. Rapture in DC.

What's the first item on the agenda should the GOP lose the House in November?


Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Monterey John said...

Harry Reid "engaging and charismatic?" Bwa-ha-ha-ha... gag, cough, Oh God, I think I'm having a heart attack...

Causal said...

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