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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Long Knives come out for Lieberman - and the DSCC

If only the "progressives" hated Al Qaeda & terrorists more than they hate Joe Lieberman. If only they transferred their passion for defeating Joe Lieberman to defeating our sworn enemies... perhaps then we could win this war in a shorter timeframe.

The progressives are alarmed, ALARMED!!!, that Sen. Chuck Schumer would dare, DARE!, include Joe Lieberman on his Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) website and promise to continue supporting Joe as an independent.

OliverWillis sums it up this way:

Think, Then Think Again

If Sen. Schumer and the DSCC endorse and support an independent Joe Lieberman in the event that Ned Lamont wins the Democratic primary they are going to have hell on their hands. I don’t expect the DC establishment to be big boosters of Lamont’s candidacy (and I’ve made clear I wish progressive activists would bring the energy from that race to, you know, the rest of the progressive infrastructure) but for the DSCC to not support the Democratic candidate for Senate in a state?

That’s the sign of a party who actively wants to destroy itself.

And Firedoglake - new entry to the Lefty Moonbat Blogroll (well deserved and much too late, folks!) - provides this "analysis":
The Democratic Incumbency Protection Racket
By Jane Hamsher @ 4:30 pm

DSCC Mission.jpg

So Chuck Schumer, head of the Democratic Incumbent Senatorial Campaign Committee sees no problem in supporting a Holy Joe "Cut-and-Run 2006" independent candidacy over dedicated Democrat Ned Lamont.
Now we’ll skip over the irony of Chuck Schumer boasting about the Tester win. (I myself am rather happy that the Mavericks are doing well against the Heat , but I’m also aware that I had about as much to do with that as Schumer had to do with Tester’s victory.) No, we’ll go straight to the main course — this is all about incumbency protection. The preservation of entrenched power and maintaining the status quo. The big, fat bird that most Democrats flipped the netroots during the Alito confirmation? Multiply it times ten, they’re flipping it to every registered Democrat in the nation now. It’s All About Them.
[... the rant continues on...]
Of course, this is all moot since Joe-mentum Lieberman is going to kill Ned Lamont. 0-21 Kossacks & Moonbats!

Why is Chuckie doing and saying these crazy things? Well, it's in the tea leaves:
Lieberman's support from Republicans and unaffiliated voters changes little whether he runs as a Democrat or an Independent.

The impact among Democrats is quite different. Running as the party's standard bearer, Lieberman attracts 68% of the vote from the party faithful. However, if Lamont is the Democratic nominee, Lieberman earns just 43% of the vote from Democrats in the state. Lamont gets 32%.
Even if Lamont wins the nomination, Lieberman still beats his patootie among Democrats if he runs as an independent. I've often said that the "progressives" are out of touch with mainstream America, but it appears that they're even out of touch with their Democratic base.

Chuckie isn't interested in who wins the primary - but who will vote for party leaderhsip. And he knows that Joe, even if there's an "I" after his name, will cast the vote in line with the Democratic Party. And, should Lamont win the primary, I wouldn't be surprised if the DSCC supports both candidates - buttering both sides of the bread (which can be messy).

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