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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jack Danforth - A Touch of Home and Un-Common Sense

Former Senator Danforth was here on Monterey last night at the Panetta Institute. What a breath of fresh air. I had almost forgotten what it was like to hear an intelligent, articulate and principled politician.

Memories of the times years ago in the 1960s and 1970s when we were re-inventing the Republican party in Missouri came flooding back. The tragic night in August 1976 when the winner of the Democratic primary was killed in a plane accident setting the table for Danforth's win in November stands out. I remember well all of us leaving the our primary victory party in prayerful silence that night. Then there was the elation that followed in November.

Then there was the Thomas nomination to the Supreme Court. What a fight! Jack had what it took.

His best line last night came when asked who would win the 2006 elections, the Republicans or the Democrats? His answer: "The Republicans, they are far less feckless (worthless, ineffective) than the Democrats." Amen! It's not the Republicans are not feckless, it is that they are far less feckless than the Democrats. Leave it to Danforth to choose a word like "feckless" and the playful double negative.

What is going on with in the U.S. Senate this week highlights Republlican fecklessness. I cringe when they go on one of their "fire up the base" riffs. But the reason it stands out is that this is pretty rare for the Republicans. The Democrats are constantly doing it.

God bless you, Jack, you would have made a fine president.

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