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Monday, June 12, 2006

From the Left Coast: Zarqawi Beaten to Death and Journalistic Standards

From the Left Coast:

I do not have the time this morning to load up a bunch of links here, but by this time most folks know that much of the MSM, including the breathless ABC and AP followed word of Zarqawi's departure to the Brothel Eternal with stories of an unnamed Iraqi who claimed that American troops beat the SOB to death after they found him alive in the rubble of his bombed out not-so-safe-house.

Fortunately when I went to turn on Russert and Depress the Press yesterday, it had been bumped by tennis. So I was not treated to him berating some administration representative and someone like John Mertha pointing out how Zarqawi's death was yet another indicator of how we are losing this war. The day was somehow sunnier without Russert.

I keep thinking that just maybe this one time the MSM will be seen to have just gone too far in slanting the news. Perhaps the story of the un-named Iraqi claiming to have seen American troops beat the beheader to death would be seen to be a total collapse of journalistic standards. Who knows, maybe this will yet come to pass.

But I suspect the Drive-by Media, as Limbaugh likes to call them, will just move on to the next distortion and play like this particular episode never happened.

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Ayman said...

word up homie!

Desert Rat said...

John, There is an old Missouri saying that I believe is applicable to the Zarqawi situation:

"He needed killing."