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Friday, June 09, 2006

Fitzmas turned into another Fizzlemas?

Another week, 4 weeks overall, 28 days (business or otherwise) and still no frogmarch of the anointed one, Karl Rove.

At this point, Jason Leopold has 2 choices. Continue down the Mary Mapes route, assuring us all that he's sincere with his original reporting, just "ahead of the news cycle" [way ahead -ed]. Or he can come clean, turn on the anonymous sources that shattered his already limited career in journalism and tell his readers the whole truth.

Jason, its obvious you were lied to. There is no indictment, sealed or otherwise, there was no marathon negotiation session, there was no story. So let us know, who told you? Who tried to force the prosecutor's hand? Who?

I notice that there hasn't been any update on the website on this subject since the original story on May 13th. Perhaps its time to bring your readers up to date?

As to a potential source... Let's see who's still saying there might be indictments?

From a DU journal comes a description of a limited dinner engagement with none other than Joseph C Wilson [the IV -ed]:

As a clinician, I have had the opportunity to meet people to whom I would never have been introduced in ten thousand years. It is the nature of my occupation that makes it as appealing as it is at this life stage, because the entire health care establishment is circling with some fair degree of coriolus force in the toilet as far as I’m concerned.

We're only a paragraph in and the pretentiousness [wow you can use big words too -ed] is dripping. This is going to be painful.
It was with some surprise however, when a patient of mine contacted me and asked if I would wish to join her and her group for a ‘small, private dinner’ with Joseph Wilson. In the milliseconds before I almost literally jumped at the chance I remember a certain silence and stillness in the room – that it was almost unbelievable that this opportunity would arise. The dinner was scheduled to be in Philadelphia’s only 5 star restaurant and if for no other reason, I really needed an excuse to have a meal there – rationalizations are always necessary when it comes to these things and these large dollar donations. I am a cynic by nature, but if there were one true ‘hero’ of the years since the recount of 2000, it was this individual, and it would be less than honorable to decline if for no other reason than to pay homage to someone who really risked it all in the name of American Righteousness. Years ago, I had met with Eliot Richardson post-Watergate and he was another who had risen above the fray to at long last, do the right thing.

Risked it all? What did Joe Wilson, "risk?" He's been a media darling, he makes a ton on speeches, and he had a book deal [don't forget the 5 star restaraunt meals -ed] some "risk." And, the only hero since the recount of 2000? Who was the hero in that? Al Gore?
Last night was no disappointment. First of all, unbelievably, I was seated at a table for seven, directly across from Ambassador (call me Joe) Wilson. Understand this: he is as charismatic, deft, witty, charming, and obviously brilliantly competent as he appears on the television, with the exception that he is even more so. Now clearly, much of this is practiced, for I am certain that he answers the same fifty questions daily, but he is really – and I am a child of the fifties, so many of you won’t necessarily understand the real meaning of the word – really cool. Believe me, the word has evolved, but I’m talking about the beat generation definition of cool.

Wow. Got it, you like him...
My take on him is that he is a meticulously rehearsed, guarded, brilliant guy who is aware of the nuances of every single utterance which left his mouth. You would expect this from a career diplomat of course, but his responses to asides which people made to him were crafted to allow you to realize that he’s bright, and you are to know that he’s that bright, but it’s acceptable in his case because he is someone who clearly, is in command of the truth. More on that later, of course.

Ok, ok. You REALLY like him. Greatest thing since sliced bread. Got it.
To make a long story shorter, he spoke to us after the order and before the appetizers were served. He stated, and I’m paraphrasing because I was absolutely not going to record this conversation out of respect to him, that the country is careening towards repression of a massively frightening nature, that the Republican Party - in his words one fo the two great parties in the country, has been hijacked by this radical element; that the attempt at personal destruction of him and his family was in fact personal, and he regarded it as such. He was pretty witty at times, he referred to an aunt of his as Mrs. John Birch, and she’s off his Christmas card list because she sided with Bush in 2004; he referred to Bush not as stupid, but as “bright, in a feral way”, which I thought was terrific. He asked for questions around the room, and gave very long, involved answers, some of which were included in his books or heard on TV almost verbatim. He asked for “THE question” – everybody looked at everybody else, so I went out on a limb and said, “OK, we haven't heard much from Bob Novak lately. Any personal thoughts about him, by any chance?” He was pleased with the question – I think – and stated that the reason that Novak did asserted neither his 5th amendment rights nor his 1st amendment rights was that he would have wound up indicted, or in jail with Judy Miller. Rather, he sang like a bird and answered ‘every question’ that Pat Fitzgerald put to him. He seemed to imply, although I can’t say for sure that he stated, that there were going to be more indictments coming down the pike.

Repressive and not only that but frighteningly so! Oh my! The Brownshirts are right around the corner! Why they won't even let us eat in these fancy 5 star restaraunts comrade!

An lo and behold the implication at the end of th eparagraph... There are indictments coming! More of them! Behold the glorious indictments to be coming forth! And the frogmarch! We'll have a frogmarch to end all frogmarches!!!
Someone asked him why Rumsfeld and the others would [lie] about something which really didn’t matter so much – I can’t remember what exactly – and he said that these guys lie about everything, “just to keep in shape”. Really brought the house down.

Ha ha!.. Lying to keep in shape for futher lying. Oh what a riot that Joseph, "call me Joe," Wilson [the IV -ed] is!
Importantly, someone asked him, “What can WE do about all this?” and his response was to continuously and without fail petition the representatives in congress no matter what their previous affiliation or party is, no matter how they voted or sucked up (my words) to the Administration in the past. Once they get wind that there’s a seismic shift, they will have to respond or run the risk of losing, no matter how safe a district. They could be ousted the implication was, via their own primary defeats as we have seen in PA (not a good thing I might add – because it’s the wingers taking over from the moderates), or in the general election. Either way, change is brought about by the people, and he quoted a great man, and I don’t want to get the citation wrong and I don’t have time to research it now, but it could have been Jefferson, who stated that he was never afraid of the People,

All we need is a small seismic shift! And this feral government will fall apart! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, and order another bottle of fancy french wine for the witty and oh-so-charming Joseph, "call me Joe", Wilson [the IV -ed].
At the presentation at the University of the Arts, held at Broad and Pine Streets, he had a pretty good, but not sell-out crowd. My guess would be 350-400 or so. The moderator, a local guy who’s bright but not brilliant, basically asked him to refute the three major reasons why the Right wing says that Wilson twisted the truth. He did so effectively and completely, and people applauded him often, which he didn’t mind too much. It was quite an evening, to say the least.

Oh that pedestrian moderator, asking such silly questions... He's no match for the great Joeseph "call me Joe" Wilson [the IV -ed]! Why the applause we heaped on him was such a little gift for a man of his charm! His Wit! His Elegance!

Aww, hell.. What tripe....

Joe my man.. If you know of some secret indictment, let Jason know (if you haven't already)! He's floundering out there waiting for a Fitzmas, that isn't coming.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Brian