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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ann Coulter... Shrill? Odious? Al Franken in Drag?

What follows speaks for just me...

Do you suppose Ann Coulter has asked herself WHY the mainstream media is so eager to interview her?

I for one have seen more than enough of her. She makes conservatives look like heartless morons. I do not appreciate the results of her efforts.

Going after the 9/11 widows on a personal level? Is she crazy? Is she really that mean spirited?

There is much to be said about how the Left uses victims of tragedy and how some victims allow themselves to be used. The theory is that no one will take them on because to do so will only blowback on those who try to get at the substance of whatever issue is currently on the table. The victims are untouchable.

Well that is just not so. So long as the critic sticks to the issues, the substance of the matter, there is no problem with challenging "victims" who have untenable views. But to say that the victim is "enjoying" their loss and similar such idiotic comments is just plain stupid.

It has to be said Coulter's basic point is right on. She then goes on to undermine her own position with how she goes about trying to make that point. She is totally self-destructive.

Well, this is Coulter's "schtick." It obviously sells books and gets lots of interviews. The problem, for me, is that in the end it harms the conservative cause.

And, if as I suspect is true, Coulter has done what she has done to sell books, well, shame on her.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn