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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abu is Toast, Moonbats React

It looks like the Islamofascists man in Iraq ceases to be... I know, it's not nice to joke when someone gets killed, but Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has a special place in hell reserved for him, most likely involving an orange jump suit and a dull pocket knife slowly replicating Abu's evil acts on himself.

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed in Air Raid
Jun 8, 7:27 AM (ET)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaida leader in Iraq who waged a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and beheadings of hostages, has been killed in a precision airstrike, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Thursday. It was a long-sought victory in the war in Iraq.
"We want to give you the joyous news of the martyrdom of the mujahed sheik Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," said the statement, signed by "Abu Abdel-Rahman al-Iraqi," identified as the deputy "emir" or leader of al-Qaida in Iraq.

"The death of our leaders is life for us. It will only increase our persistence in continuing holy war so that the word of God will be supreme."

Despite the sick & twisted congratulatory remark by Al-Qaeda, I think this will have somewhat of an impact on the efficacy of the insurgency. And you'd think that our friends on the Left (who Zarqawi would want to turn his dull blade on more than anyone in the world) would be joyous at this news, right?

Wrong... Instead, we get warmed over conspiracy theories. From DU:
So, will Zarqawi's Retirement from the CIA Stop the Insurgency?

Thu Jun-08-06 07:48 AM
Original message
So, will Zarqawi's Retirement from the CIA Stop the Insurgency?

Thu Jun-08-06 07:49 AM

1. nope... Updated at 6:55 AM

Thu Jun-08-06 07:53 AM

2. No.

We'll just keep playing Whack-A-Mole: Iraq.

Thu Jun-08-06 07:53 AM

3. That myth was getting a little threadbare, eh? Cash in...

Edited on Thu Jun-08-06 07:54 AM by Junkdrawer
the over-hyped threat for an over-hyped victory. Bring in the next boogieman from central casting.

Thu Jun-08-06 08:02 AM
4. The beheadings might stop.

Not a bad concept as 'black' propaganda - they could've inspired as much outrage as the ANC 'necklacings' did during Apartheid. But they weren't winning the media war, so Zarqawi had to retire.

Look out for Crazy Towelheads III - See Abu Waleed Smother His Victims Under A Mound of American Flags And Smoke Hashish With Victim's Skull.

But, hey... they're serious about the war on terror, right? They're totally on board and want the US to win, right?

Well, this DUer posts about his gladness in hearing the news - and is met with some approval, some questioning whether this isn't just some Rovian ploy to get Bush's poll numbers up... This DUer says that this is just another mark on Bush's body count in this illegal war.
Thu Jun-08-06 08:03 AM

15. Unless it signals a move toward peace...

...or even a respite in the killing, it's just another dead body among the hundreds of thousands. All we know for certain is that it's a PR victory for *.

I don't celebrate killing.

How very principled... stupid, but principled. And this is just one terrorist killing another, don't you know?

And this DUer "connects the dots." The wrong dots and the connection is non-existent, but he certainly scores points for great imagination!
Thu Jun-08-06 07:50 AM
Original message

Are we seeing a full-court 'terrorism' push by the Bushies?

Just noting the "coincidence" of Canada and Zarqawi in the same week...

They easily could have been monitoring Zarqawi for meets waiting for the correct political timing to do an airstrike...

Holy cow... these people are unbelievable.... And here's the post over at DailyKos. Read the comments, which are full of concern over the political implications of Zarqawi's death - not in Iraq, mind you... but here in the US!

Gateway Pundit is also covering

*** UPDATE - Jeff Gannon/Guckert implicated as reason for Zarqawi's death - Cover-up for Bush's bi-sexuality (not that there's anything wrong with that) ***


At least, according to this deranged DUer:

Thu Jun-08-06 08:41 AM
Response to Reply #48

174. I couldn't agree more with your psyops assessment of the situation...
Updated at 12:16 AM

...I never believed in this pat story of AL Qaeda in Iraq. It set off my bullshit meter right from the get go. This won't help Bush as much as Rove would like. It is just a desperate stunt in an attempt to prop up Bush's poll numbers and boost the popularity his failed war by feigning the killing of one of the psyop program's main character. But by next week they'll have thought up another one to take his place.

This is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. And what better way to shut down the story of Bush's bisexuality that were picking up a "head" of steam? I'm sure Jeff Gannon is thrilled about this latest development.

ARC's 1st and 2nd Law... confirmed yet again and all in a single post!

Dr Sanity and My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy cover the Moonbats reaction as well.

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Comments (2)
Brian said...

Its always about the political timing for the liberals isn't it? Thats because everything is political to them. Not governing. It's all just a political shift from their side of the aisle.

They project on Bush, what they are. Political opportunists, instead of real leaders

Brian said...

I've got it. This must mean that Rove is really about ot be indicted. They killed Zarquaui to distract the media from the impending indictment of Bush's Brain himself!