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Friday, June 02, 2006

21 Days

This is now turning into a weekly posting here... counting the weeks that pass from TruthOut's statement that Rove would be indicted within 24 hours business hours. Perhaps he meant 24 business days?

Anyway, it's now been 21 days since Jason Leopold of TruthOut decided that "Truth" didn't need to be "In" any of his stories.


Reminder... Moonbats all across the country have been stockpiling booze for over 6 months now... Hey, Fitzie!!! When can they uncork the juice?!

Others making fun of Leopold

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Comments (2)
Jason Leopold said...

I said it was happening, and it's going to happen. I've got a total of 22 confidential sources that are in the whitehouse. Sure they're grounds keepers and vendors at the Capitol Hill gift shop, but those are seriously closer to the administration than you'll ever be.

I happen to have, on good authority from Fitz's hotdog vendor on State and Lake, that the super duper double secret indictments THAT HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED will be made just before the Cubs win the world series this year.

ptg said...

I'm thinking Leopold meant Venusian hours. Venusian business hours.