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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still waiting for Fitzmas...

To go with the earlier post on the possible Rove indictment from the Saint yesterday, here is the denial from Luskin (Rove's attorney) helpfully provided by Jeralyn Merrit from TalkLeft.

1. Luskin stands by his April 26 statement in its entirety.

2. Karl Rove's status has not changed. They remain confident Fitzgerald will decline to bring any charges.

3. There is "no truth whatsoever" to any of Jason Leopold's recent stories about Karl Rove's resignation, the alleged meeting in his office or the Indictment. The denial he gave me Saturday night was and was intended to be "all purpose."

4. As far as he knows, Patrick Fitzgerald was in Chicago on Friday.

5. People should not interpret their "unwillingness to comment on every wild and malicious rumor as a change in position."

Translation? Don't get all excited all you netrooters out there. It ain't going to happen in the next 24 hours, the next 24 business hours, or until after the next episode of 24. Jason Leopold's sources were full of it, and he breathlessly reported it.

Luskin sent an email to Jeralyn with the above denial, but also adds the following:

Update: Some verbatim quotes from Bob Luskin, reprinted with permission:

The cat's fine, thanks. Her stool sample shows no evidence of harmful parasites, which is one of the big differences between my cat's stools and this case. i do, occasionally, take a day (or, if i can, an evening) off.

On his belief that Fitzgerald was in Chicago Friday,

To paraphrase 'my cousin vinnie,' even in this investigation, the laws of physics apply.

Any time you can work in a quote from My Cousin Vinny is probably a good day for a lawyer.

Jason Leopold also provided quotes to TalkLeft:

5. Jason said he is sure of his sources and he has multiple sources for his article. He continues to maintain there was a meeting at Luskin's office Friday with Fitzgerald that began around 11:30 am and that Fitzgerald gave Luskin a copy of the charges and said Rove had 24 hours (which everyone present understood to be business hours since the courts are closed on the weekend) to get his affairs in order. Jason's sources said the Indictment was already voted on by the grand jury.

6. Jason says he was told the meeting lasted 14 1/2 hours and Rove was present with Secret Service detail. Jason did not ask the sources whether Fitzgerald or Rove was there the whole time. In other words, Rove and his lawyers may have met for hours after Fitzgerald left to discuss an offer from Fitzgerald. Jason believes the offer was ultimately rejected by Rove.

7. Jason does not believe his sources are setting him up. He thinks Corallo is not being truthful with York and Gerstein.

8. Jason thinks the announcement of Rove's indictment will come any time after Tuesday of this week.

14 and a half hours? 870 minutes? It ended at 3am Saturday? Pardon me, but if it took that long for negotiations of an already voted on indictment, then Fitz's case is in deeper trouble than I thought. Or his skills as a prosecutor are worse than we've been led to believe by the MSM.

We've all seen the cop shows. You present the offer, you present a limited timeframe to respond, and you leave. What would take 14 hours?

Why does Karl Rove have Secret Service detail? Other than the left wing nuts after him, he doesn't hold a cabinet position, etc. This little bit, makes the story seem "sexier" than it is. Brings to mind the Secret Service testifying against Clinton.

Come on Jason, saying after Tuesday is ok (although why if he already is indicted it takes till Tuesday to announce it is beyond me), but whats the outer limit? Just saying "after Tuesday" could mean years right? If Rove isn't indicted Wednesday are you going to write a correction? Thursday? Friday? What about next Tuesday?

Inquiring minds want to know....

See Michelle Malkin & this Hot Air vent for more. (Note that Michelle mentions a Rovian Conspiracy... sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!)

Also, check out this blog (Move On and Shut Up), which is liveblogging the indictment, minute by minute.

***Update II***
Dwilkers over at Just One Minute had the following description of how the Cheney "notes in the margin" probably looked in the Office of the Vice President (emphasis mine).
Heh. That guy has the same reaction to the notes in the margin I had. I've been imagining the conversation that morning in the VP's office for a while now.
Cheney: Scooter! Get in here and close the door!
Libby: Yes sir.
Cheney: What the f&*% is this?
Libby: (pauses to read) I don't know sir.
Cheney: Who the h%^& is this guy?
Libby: I've never heard of him sir.
Cheney: (glares)
Libby: We could ask Tenet sir.
Cheney: Tenet? George Tenet? The Director of the CIA? The one that sent this guy? Pro Bono?
Libby: If that's true, yes sir.
Cheney: (presses intercom) Mary? Get me Tenet on the line please.
Response: Yes sir.
Cheney: So let me get this straight. This guy....Wilson?....yeah. The CIA asks this guy to go to Niger to see if he can get anything on the uranium thing. He's not an employee of the agency and never has been, he spends a week sitting by the %&^$ing pool and now he's calling me a liar in the NYTimes. That about it?
Libby: seems like it may be sir.
Cheney: Is it true his wife works at the agency? Is that correct
Libby: It seems as if I may be hearing that for the first time sir.
Cheney: Is this the way the CIA does things nowadays Scooter? The C %^&king IA of the USA?
Libby: I don't know sir.
Cheney: (sweetly) Well do you think you could find out what's going on here then?
Libby: On it sir.


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