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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Preparing for Fitzmas - 6 Months Worth of Booze?

Well, just to remind everyone - each and every breathless Fitzmas post from the Left has been completely and totally off the mark. And in order to give everyone a good laugh, here is a Fitzmas Preparation post over at DailyKos from Tuesday, October 18th!!!. Yes, 6 months ago tomorrow!

Dealing With Fitzmas
by georgia10
Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 12:46:48 PM PDT
Hey, did you hear how USNews is reporting on rumors that Cheney will be resigning?

And, did ya hear about John Hannah??? No, not that one.

And, hey, did you know RawStory is such a tease? And Judy is a whore?

And, did you know that we're just hours (all right,maybe a couple days) away from FITZMAS???? Doesn't it feel like the hap-happiest time of the year??

And...and...don't 'cha just feel like you're going to exploooooooooooode?

10. Put down the caffeine: For the next 48 hours, cleanse your body of java, aspartame, splenda, and whatever other shit you've been putting in your system. Your body will be producing more adrenaline during Fitzmas than it did when you were a hormone-crazed teenager, so don't fuel the fire.
Man... being on that adrenaline high for 6 months must be a trip!

9. "Refresh" is the AntiChrist: Resist the urge to press "refresh" every TWO SECONDS. Checking into Drudge every minute won't make any indictments come any'll just give him hits and make Drudge's head swell even more. Eww. I put "Drudge" and "swell" and "head" in the same sentence. I just grossed myself out.
No wonder they're still waiting for Fitzmas... they haven't been looking at any new information!

8. Gossip Folks: Don't believe anything in the next 24-48 hours. Guess what!! I can report on my blog that Condi will be VP when Dick resigns...and because it's on a blog, it must be true! And my scoop will fly through the internets at twice the speed of sound and I'll be so convincing, Condi herself will hear my scoop and think "Shit. I need new shoes!" and next thing you know New York Daily News will be reporting that Condi was in NY shopping for Jimmy Choo shoes that look "Vice-Presidential" and Teresa Heinz passed her by and called her a "bitch." Get my point?
Oh, I get the point... Perhaps it should be shared with Jason Leopold?

7. Turn off the TV: Why submit yourself to the torture of watching The Situation Room and listening to Wolf's "I'm-reading-a-script-but-I'm-trying-to-make-it-sound-live" voice in the hopes that some pundit will throw out something like "Rove will be indicted"? You all KNOW that the talking heads don't know shit, and that their dirty little secret is that they really get their info from the, gasp!, blogs, so why waste your time? So, Kristol says Rove and Libby will be indicted. Um...99% of the pajamajadeen have said the same thing for the last couple months. Give your blood pressure a break and turn off the TV.
Fear information!

6. Don't listen to Tip #7: Well, do turn off the TV, but turn it on for Scotty's press conferences. Nothing eases the nerves and apprehension of indictments than watching Puffy McMoonface squirm as he fends off a resuccitated press corps. With Scotty spinning so fast, you KNOW there's some serious shit going down.
Embrace information!

5. Don't take off of work tomorrow: Yes, there are some of you who would actually skip work or school to stay home and catch the indictments breaking live. I've confessed to being a Plamegate junkie, but please. Those of you who view CSPAN as political porn need to put things into perspective. The indictments may not break tomorrow...and then what? You spent a whole day, one hand repeatedly refreshing dkos and drudge, the other hand holding a remote and flipping channels between CNN and MSNBC and, gulp, FOX, flipping and flipping and flipping and it'll all be for naught. So treat tomorrow just like any other day, use school and work as a distraction...and, um, did you hear blogging more than once a day can make you go blind?
Why do I have a feeling that some in Kossackville have indeed been taking off work, waiting for Fitzmas to break. Perhaps some of the folks that like hotdogs by the lake? Or this perpetually unemployed dork?

4. Visit Freeperville: Watch the tension melt away as you read about how Wilson was the leaker, how Fitzgerald is really a closet Dem f*&$ing Hillary at the Watergate hotel, and how Plame orchestrated all this just to get name recognition for 2008. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even throw up in your mouth a little bit. But it'll be a great distraction from the anticipation of Fitzmas.
Why do lefties always have to be so vulgar? This is what passes for intellectual and enlightened thought on the left...

3. Lower Your Expectations: Hey, it worked for Laura Bush. Don't expect too much from this. We don't know what was said in that grand jury room; about all we know definitively is that Karl Rove has a "typical" garage. Fantasies of Cheney being indicted and Bush as unindicted coconspirator are just that at this point--fantasies. Trust the Fitz to do what's right based on the evidence, and trust that the result will be as far as he was legally able to go.
Yes, trust the Fitz you must. Unless he doesn't indict Rove -then that mutha-@#%@%ing @$$h!LE is a plant by Rove to distract us from the no-bid contracts in Iraq - HALLIBURTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Stockpile the Booze: Ok, you've lowered your expectations, but sheesh, don't be downer. No matter what comes down, these next couple of days will be explosive. So chill the Cristal (or the Guinness) and get ready. Also, compile a list of all the emails of your most die-hard GOP friends. Plan on sending them emails after the indictments, perferably after you've depleted your liquor reserves.
No wonder the Left has seemed to go completely off their rockers in the past 6 months: they're all piss drunk!

1. Enjoy the moment: Take a DEEP breath, and savor the fact that you're witnessing history being made. The outing of Plame was a vicious act, but nothing will be as sweet as watching justice being served.
History being made indeed.... they've got no clue...

I just hope they stockpiled enough ice to keep the Cristal & Guinness cold for these past 6 months. God knows that there's nothing worse than liquor that's been chilled, warmed, chilled, etc.

Will Rove get indicted? Perhaps. But, you can indict a ham sandwich and Fitz has shown over these past 9 months that he's on shaky legal grounds. So, if he does get indicted, it's unlikely that it would amount to much.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler