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Saturday, May 20, 2006

OW Looks to 2008

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Oliver Willis, Kingmaker
by Oliver Willis | May 19th, 2006 | 11:05 pm

Actually more like campaign ender - I hope.

I’m pretty open to the Democratic field in 2008. I’m no longer interested in who looks good on paper, but instead I want a Democratic candidate who isn’t afraid to say he or she is a Democrat. Someone who clearly understands the Republican noise machine and is capable of fighting it is a plus.

I’m on the fence and will probably remain so for some time to come, with Al Gore being the only possible candidate who I’d line up behind and run into the fires of hell with right now. I’ve been a Gore fan since 1988, when I first watched the Democratic convention at the tender age of 10.
I believe that is when Fred Phelps was a big Gore supporter as well, right?

And, what percentage of the Dem base would follw Algore into the fires of hell? They know he's become a joke, right? Or are they just insane?
That said, there are two possible candidates who are quite simply a no-go from now: John Kerry and Tom Daschle. They are both good men, but they’ve hit as high as they’re going to go electorally. Kerry lost the important 2004 race, while Daschle presided over a Democratic majority that rolled over for Bush and sent us off for war. They’re both great party loyalists, but are simply no-go.
Great to know that he's got some sense about him.... but I'm frankly surprised that he even has to bring their names up. I mean, does anyone in the Democratic Party (besides Kerry & Daschle, I suppose) think that these two have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination, much less winning the Presidency?
My current rankings for 2008:
  1. Al Gore - right on Iraq, right on global warming, right, right, right
  2. John Edwards - owned up on Iraq, his time is now
  3. Mark Warner (tie) - being a governor is a plus, but he’s gotta “show me something”
  4. Hillary Clinton (tie) - the juggernaut with no definition
  5. Russ Feingold - right on the issues, but too many roadblocks
  6. Evan Bayh - probably too conservative for my tastes, but could make a splash somehow
  7. Bill Richardson - Wildcard. He’s a governor, riverboat gambler, and part of the New West
Barack Obama is the only other person than Al Gore who I’d line up with right now, but he isn’t running until 2012 or 2016 (hopefully 2016, taking the handoff from the Democratic president). Barack will win when he runs.

Look at that list... unbelievable. Their return to Algore might as well be a return to Carter. Been there, done that.... thank you very much.

Edwards is charismatic, but there's only so much that a nice hair can do for you, you know what I mean?

Mark Warner & HRC... yawn, wake me up when they get a personality, will you?

Russ Feingold - Ahh, the Kossacks cheer... Unfortunately, their support for Feingold hurts his chances.

Evan Bayh - This is the nominee I'm afraid of.... fortunately, none of the Moonbats (see OW above) in the Dem Party recognize his skills and they would kill his nomination before he says "Today, I announce my candidacy..."

Richardson - He's definitely a wildcard, but he probably has the best shot, given his border security position, ability to pull in the southwest, etc.

Obama - Well, I'm certainly afraid of him... not because of his skills per se (although he certainly is adept at the game), but because of the slobbering by the MSM anytime his name is mentioned for anything.

Now, the GOP has problems of its own when it comes to 2008... but don't you worry, the Karlmeister is cooking up some plans. It'll be like Twinkies to Oliver Willis.

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