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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Macbeth - Now With a Moonbat Twist!!!

"Double, double toil and trouble; Fires burn, and cauldron bubble."

Or, perhaps,

"Out, damned spot! out, I say!"

It seems that some in the blogosphere are having some great times at the expense of Jessie "I'm The Next John Kerry!" Macbeth.

See this hilarious post from WuzzaDem

And be sure to check out Iowahawk.

As a decorated combat veteran of Bush's Iraq misadventure, I am all too familiar with the saying "the first casualty of war is truth." Because this administration sold us a war of empire on a double stack combo of lies, biggie sized them, and served them up with extra mustard. And I was there to see it, man.

My story starts in 2001. I was a sophomore at Mayfield High, a star athlete who was captain of the basketball, football, and track teams, and had singlehandly scored 200 home runs in one memorable wrestling meet against the Riverdale Archies. Obviously, this made me irresistable to girls, and I easily bagged the entire pom squad after winning my 4th straight state debate championship. No shit dude, I totally taped the whole thing, but I left it in the VCR and my stupid mom recorded it over with an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

While my incredible athletic and sexual prowess earned me accolades on the field and in the sack, it also earned me many enemies in the halls of Mayfield High. [...] Then I learned a senior named Bueller had sworn his revenge on me because I smoked his Ferrari with my 600 horsepower VTEC Civic, which does 180 mph in the quarter, easy.

The PeaceFilms site is down now.... how sad.


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Vox Poplar said...

I interviewed Mr. MacBeth just the other day, and last night Rep. John Murtha posted a message defending him.

I got all the scoops!