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Friday, May 19, 2006

Its 4pm, do you know where your indictments are?

So, its almost 4pm EDT, still nothing on any indictments on Karl Rove. The left side of the blogosphere must be in despair by now.

TalkLeft today started with a commenter detailing how this must mean that Karl took the deal! There is no indictment because Karl flipped on Cheney and Bush [and probably Hyde too], and impeachment is just around the corner!

Posted by phi x174
May 19, 2006 04:51 AM

if no indictment is forthcoming this week, there may be a simple explanation: Fitzgerald, through Rove, is after Cheney--and is willing to wait for it.

Why not have Rove sweat it out?

Rove's repeated requests(?) to appear before the grand jury would be sufficient evidence that his quarry is not handling the pressure--despite what what Big Media is selling us these days.

How about next Friday, May 26th, along with Cheney in the frog march?

I think it would be well worth the wait.

Keep hope alive! As they say, Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

The update from TalkLeft at the top of the post details a response from Mark Corallo (Rove's spokesman):

Bump and Update: This just in from Mark Corallo [via e-mail in response to a question I e-mailed him]:

Nothing going on. I was told by several journalists who were down at the courthouse that the Grand Jury was not meeting today. Of course, the GJ may be meeting at the undisclosed location (as VP Cheney is out of town and not using it today...)

Why do I get the feeling Mark is enjoying his job a little too much today.

Maybe Jason Leopold wants to come up with a new formulation for the indictment hand down instead of 24 "business" hours? How about 24 days?

Interesting thread on this subject over at DU (sent to me by Brian, but for soime reason he didn't think it was hilarious enough to include in this post!)
WilliamPitt Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Wed May-17-06 05:01 PM
Original message

On a personal note...

It would probably be a good thing for the health and welfare of this community for everyone to stop beating the shit out of each other over this Rove story. This goes for me, too. I just got into a snipe-fest in another thread, and immediately felt stupid about it.

Those who have stood with truthout are owed a massive river of thanks. Your faith will be rewarded.

Those who have expressed doubts, and await further confirmation, are totally above reproach. If I didn't know what I know, if I was a DUer out of the fact loop truthout has been in, I'd be doing and saying exactly the same things.

Those who have made this personal - with me, with each other - should stop.

truthout was right on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, yesterday and today. We will still be right tomorrow and Friday, no matter what the goddam unbelievable lapdog mainstream media has to say (or more to the point, doesn't have to say) about it.

I understand your frustrations at the way this has played out; in fact, I call your frustration and raise it a billionfold. There are good reasons for this, and those reasons will be made clear when everything comes out. Those good reasons haven't made the process easier.

That's it for now. If I sound like a hypocrite for saying this, so be it. I'll take that beating standing up.

They were right then... they'll be right next year about a pending indictment of Rove!


Calipendence sees, you guessed it, a Rovian Conspiracy!
202. Interesting how Garland looks a lot like Natalie Portman in this pic?

The same Portman who was in two big films last year that has had themes against this administration! Just one more reason for us to identify with this pic!

This whole story is so frustrating to me too. I have to believe that William Pitt and Jason Leopold have been trying to do their job as responsible journalists, and either those on the other side giving them info have had their circumstances change drastically, or there is a massive plot to "out" folks like them trying to give us this important news.

If it is the latter, perhaps it is yet another warning shot from Karl Rove that they can even control sources to the point that journalists trying to do legitimate stories have to be paranoid about being outed in the same way, and that responsible journalism will be a rare commodity for us all except for those journalists that put their courage of doing the right thing in front of their fears of losing their careers.
That to me is what sucks about this more than anything else.

I can wait another week for Rove to get indicted. I DON'T want to see journalists feel more reason to cower to this administration and other powermongers in influential places, without the ability to do their job effectively. Which is one more reason I stand by these guys until we hear the whole story of what is going on!

As does OldtimeDFLer...

As does WiseButAngrySara (who's certainly angry, but not so sure about the Wise tag).

As does TwoSparkles...

ad infinitum...

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