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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In a fashion reminiscient of Gengis Khan


Jessie Macbeth's interview performance in this film is causing quite a stir in the blogosphere. Milbloggers have serious questions about this guy's authenticity. (Apparently, his uniform is about as authentic as those in Private Benjamin... Allah at Hot Air has all the links.

Watch the video yourself.

America - meet the next John Kerry. It's interesting how his "interview" echoes Kerry's sentiments (no specifics on the incidents and discusses how the US is terrorizing the people of Iraq). But hey.... what's the big deal about smearing the troops? I mean, that doesn't mean that you don't support them, right?

Regardless of whether this guy is an actual Army Ranger or not, here are some issues I have with the film:

  1. He provides no dates for any of the incidents. Give us some dates, Jessie, so we can verify.
  2. He provides no locations other than "Iraq" and "Baghdad". He mentions an atrocity at a mosque, reminiscien of Gengis Khan, but doesn't provide us with the village that it was in.
  3. He provides no information about his commanding officers who ordered such atrocities. Give us a name so we can follow up.
  4. What other soldiers were present during these atrocities?

Until Jessie provides this information, this information is about as reliable as anything posted on

Also see QandO... and DetailedRecruiter, who investigated a DoD website to see if Jess Macbeth wsa registered and couldn't find any record of him.

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