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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another 24 hours.....

Still no indictment. Will Fitzmas never come?
Tom Maguire at Just One Minute has a update to his post yesterday detailing comments from Walter Pincus of the Washington Post:

Pincus believes that the Bush administration acted obnoxiously when it leaked Valerie Plame’s identity, but he has never been convinced by the argument that the leaks violated the law. “I don’t think it was a crime,” he says. “I think it got turned into a crime by the press, by Joe” — Wilson — “by the Democrats. The New York Times kept running editorials saying that it’s got to be investigated — never thinking that it was going to turn around and bite them.” The entire Plame investigation, he says, has been a distraction from a more fundamental conversation about how the White House handled evidence before the war.
Got that, fellow conspirators? The whole Plame kerfuffle is just Another Rovian ConspiracyTM designed to take the heat off Bush for lying us into war! That Rove, he's such a Genius!

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ARC: Brian

Comments (2)
Brian said...

its 12:30 on the east cost? Any indictment yet?

All they want for fitzmas is Rove in an organge jumpsuit. Nah... doens't rhyme well.

St Wendeler said...

2.00 pm EDT and it's still not Fitzmas....

But for some reason, a smile creeps across my face when I think of all those Kossacks who have a stayed home from work since October 2005, stockpiling booze, eager with anticipation....