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Monday, April 10, 2006

Presidential "Leaks"?

The "big news" last week was that the president "leaked" classified information via Scooter Libby.

Joe Wilson (no relation, thank God), penned an article for the New York Times. The article, in part, dealt with the yellow cake uranium issue mentioned in the State of the Union in 2003. Wilson asserted that what the president said was false. The vice president's office was aware of classified information that contradicted what Wilson said.

Rallying public support for the war in Iraq is part of the president's job. What Wilson did was detrimental to the war effort. The vice president counseled that some of that classified information should be made public in order that the nation would have a more complete picture of the facts than was presented by Wilson.

What remains classified is clearly in the president's authority to decide, he is the commander in chief. Someone needs to make that decision. When the vice president took the matter to the West Wing, the president authorized its release in order that the public have a more complete picture of what had happened.

Was it more important that the information remain classified or was it more important that the public know? A cost/benefit analysis is made, probably rather quickly in this case as it appears no sources were at risk

It seems that whenever the administration takes any steps to protect itself or the country from attack or to correct misinformation, the first reaction on the part of the media and other administration foes is to look for some impure motive, corrupt purpose or illegality. Such was the case last week. While the issue will fade away, mainly because nothing wrong was done, another cut of the thousands of cuts thus inflicted over the last three years or so will remain.

A fine lawyer from Massachusetts once asked Senator Joe McCarthy, "Have you no shame?" I think the same can be asked of much of the main stream media and many in Congress. They seem to be willing to say and do anything for no better purpose than to inflict yet another cut on this president.

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