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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Perhaps they should lower the driving age?

At least, that's what appears to be the initial focus of Bill Hutchinson in this article about teen sex:

40% lose virginity by 14th b'day, survey sez

Urban teens are increasingly losing their virginity before they can legally drive.

A new survey shows four out of 10 city kids say they have had intercourse before age 14, and have engaged in oral and even anal sex by 17.

"This study makes clear that urban young adults engage in a variety of sexual behavior beyond vaginal intercourse," said Dr. Danielle Ompad, who authored the survey for The New York Academy of Medicine.

Ompad said the findings raise concerns about the possibility of a boom in sexually transmitted diseases among teens who don't know about safe sex.

"raise concerns?" about the "possibility of sexually transmitted diseases?"

And is the concern here really about whether 12 and 13 year olds know about safe sex? Shouldn't the concern be that they're not ready for sex (oral, vaginal, or otherwise) at this age? I realize that yes, youths throughout the ages have engaged in sexual activities... however, I would submit that sex at 12 and 13 was an outlier in the statistical sample in past generations. 42% is not a statistical outlier.

It goes on:
The study showed that 42% had engaged in vaginal intercourse by the age of 14. About 14% of kids said they had sex before the age of 13, a 9% jump from a similar survey by the Centers for Disease Control in 1995.

Former radio sex therapist Judy Kuriansky, author of "Generation Sex," said she found the results disturbing, but not surprising. Kuriansky said 14 is far too young to have sex.

"They're not emotionally capable of dealing with this," she told the Daily News. She blamed the youth sex surge on the media's obsession with sex and the explosion of sexually explicit Internet chat rooms.

And this is juxtaposed nicely with the "Marriage is for White People" article from last week's Washington Post. Perhaps it should've been titled "Marriage is for Suburban & Exurban people."

Oh, and I would be remiss to not tie this in, as well... perhaps Basic Instinct 3 should have a 14 year old in the role of Catherine Tramell. Perhaps the reason for Basic 2's flop is not that we're living in Puritanical times thanks to the Bushies, but rather due to the fact that even 14 year olds aren't titillated by sex in movies anymore? Especially since they've already "experienced" acts which might make some in Hollywood blush...

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