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Thursday, April 13, 2006

On the South Park & the Mohammed Kerfluffle

Jeff Goldstein is on Comedy Central's wussification of South Park.

I didn't see the episode last night, primarily because I'm traveling this week and last night was the night that my butt was stuck in the hotel working until the wee hours of the evening, but I did catch the downloadable trailer from Michelle Malkin.

Volokh has this reaction from Comedy Central execs (who remind me of the NBC execs in the Seinfeld episode where Jerry & Costanza meet to pitch their "show about nothing"):

A spokesman for Comedy Central told NRO: They reflected it accurately. That was a Comedy Central decision.

NRO goes on to say: "Just in case there was any confusion, that settles it. Comedy Central censored the image."

Comedy Central has now released a brief statement: "In light of recent world events, we feel we made the right decision."

Well, all I have to say is that Matt & Trey (the creators of South Park) have been trying to get kicked off TV and/or censored by the execs since their episode first aired.

After all that they have done, the fact that the one thing that accomplished their goal is the promised display of Mohammed - the very topic which they were parodying in the first place - speaks volumes to our weakness in the face of this historic battle with militant and intolerant Islam.

I'm verklempt... and about to board a plane. Discuss amongst yourselves.....

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Monterey John said...

There are cowards in this country. And thank the good Lord, there are even more heroes. Think I'll focus more on the latter and less on the former.

Brian said...

I wonder how many "non-connected" folks will know more about the Danish cartoon issue simply because they saw it on the South Park show.

I also think that Matt and Trey are going to continue to ratchet up the issue and continue to show the dichotomy.

Did it really matter though? Are the militant Islamists any happier with Comedy Central than they were before? The "uncensored" episode exists, and is making hte rounds on the internet.

As an aside I loved the manatee's and the "idea balls".... Classic South Park