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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

USA Today: Don't Know Much About History...

From USA Today's Letters to the Editors section:

While they rail against same-sex marriages or remain silent, one hopes that black ministers would remember that it wasn't that long ago that blacks and whites were not permitted to marry. Fortunately, regulations against interracial marriage were struck down in a blow against discrimination.

They also should remember that the Republican-controlled South started as a backlash against Democrats who fought for equal rights for blacks.

One must pray that in the forthcoming elections, blacks do not let themselves be used on an issue such as same-sex marriage by Republicans and an administration that is seemingly insensitive to lower-income blacks and the poor of all races.

Claude M. Gruener

Emphasis mine... I don't seem to recall southern Democrats fighting for equal rights for blacks in the South. The Civil Rights movement and its political ramifications could be described and debated in a variety of ways, but to suggest that the Dems were the ones that "fought for equal rights for blacks" is simply incorrect.

I realize that the editors didn't pen this inaccuracy, but they did select the letter for publicaion. Perhaps the editors at USA Today should spend some time in a history book... or check out Wikipedia. It was more of a North vs. South issue than one of party affiliation.

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