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Friday, March 10, 2006

Ted Rall Idiocy, Vol. 6,972

Well, what can we infer from Ted Rall's laugh-out-loud cartoon from today?

A couple of possibilities spring to mind:

  1. We lose the War On Terror and the Islamic Caliphate is restored (Osama Bin Laden or his successor). He directs the local Imam in Washington, D.C. to erect a memorial to the martyrs of Guantanamo. Unfortunately for you and I, we'll get to hear the likes of Rall & Michael Moore finally have a point about "actual" oppression as they're fed into plastic shredding machines. Oh, the irony...
  2. The Democratic party is elected to power (Congress & Presidency) and in order to demonstrate their solidarity with the oppressed in the Middle East, they move to create a memorial for the cruel treatment imposed on illegal enemy combatants. (Of course, some actually have seen improved living conditions at Gitmo.) Apparently, the Muslims in Gitmo (sworn enemies of America) are the only Muslims who the Dems are afraid to offend. If you're a Muslim ally and friend, you're of no use to the Democratic Party.
  3. Ted Rall seizes power through the use of his mesmorizing 'toon skills, which harken everyone back to their days in 4th grade art class... When no one is noticing, Ted decrees that his favorite 'toon subjects should have a memorial erected in their honor.
Just saying...

You know, in order for something to be funny, there has to be some degree of truth in it. Which is why Rall is often so unfunny. Of course, the scenarios I outline above aren't exactly far-fetched.

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