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Sunday, March 19, 2006

On Meet the Left Press This AM

Well, it's just great... the Left bumps up their ratings on National Security by attacking an Arab ally through xenophobic charges and lies and then it immediately seeks to undermine this very success by:

  1. introducing a motion of censure against President Bush for infringing on the rights of terrorists in the US
  2. putting John Murtha back on the stage to continue his moonbat rantings calling for our withdrawal from Iraq. [By the way, if we don't have the political courage to stay in the fight while we're in it, how does Murtha expect that we'll have the political courage to re-enter the fight when it's required in the future? Our pull-out from Vietnam decreased on willingness to intervene militarily in subsequent battles over 3 years!!! This guy is clearly off his rocker
It's almost as if the Left doesn't have a political strategist...

Now, why is it that I'm supposed to be worried about the Dems in '06?

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ARC: St Wendeler