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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Ports World - The Conspiracy

Ok, we aren't supposed to disclose our conspiracies while they're still in play, but I'm bucking The Architect on this one and am going to lay it on the line for all of our fans. (I guess I'll just have to sleep with the loaded 9mm under my pillow for a few months until this blows over...)

You want to know what the whole Dubai Ports World thing was about? Well, here you go... sssshhhh

Why do you think it was Dubai? Why not a Chinese company (which would've had no political brouhaha from Congress, because everyone loves the little totalitarian, communist buggers - as long as they've got the cash. Well, once the Dubai deal blows up, it gives Dickie C. and Chimpy W. McBushitler the opportunity for a little padding in the retirement fund, if you know what I mean? You don't?

Well, lemme spell it out for you: The two firms that will bid on the ports deal will be:

  1. H A L L I B U R T O N !!!!!!! (shouting like a "progressive")
  2. The Carlyle Group (whispered in hushed tones like the conspiracy nuts do)
Of course, even the Carlyle Group knows that the wise ones from the conspiracy camp will figure it out in short order, so they might just forego the bid:
It is not clear what U.S. company is willing to buy DP World's North American properties. Some 75 percent of containers that enter U.S. ports go through terminals that are foreign owned. Officials at SSA, a Seattle company that is the largest U.S.-owned terminal operator, said they have not been contacted. Several private equity firms are trying to determine whether to put forward bids. Some potential bidders may seek to join forces with firms that already operate American ports. But the process is in its very early stages and DP World appears to be determined to avoid a fire sale.

One potential private buyer would be Washington's Carlyle Group, which bought the U.S. container shipping business of CSX Corp. in 2002 for $300 million, selling it two years later for $650 million. Also, the Dubai government has been an investor in Carlyle's investment funds, and put $100 million into its latest, $7.85 billion buyout fund.

A source at Carlyle, however, said the firm would probably not be interested in P&O's port operations, given the political scrutiny such a deal would invite.

Of course, everyone knows that Carlyle was involved from the beginning anyway.

And surely Halliburton knows that in the eyes of Progressives, some American companies are more worthy than others. They'll scream for protectionist b.s. all day, then scream even louder when the "wrong" American company gets the business. The DUers are all over it. Smirkymonkey recognizes that we've run this play before:
Thu Mar-09-06 02:04 PM
Response to Reply #2
18. Is this another "Harriet Meyers-esque" bait-and-switch?

Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

But, no worries... the "progressives" have a solution for everything!

Fri Mar-10-06 11:10 AM
Should our ports be "nationalized" if we cannot get a credible buyer?

Rumors are that Halliburton or Bechtel or Carlyle Group might take over the ports from DPW...But, can either of those "entities" be trusted? How would we know there is not an under-the-table deal already made? In fact, it probably has. These folks have proven themselves willing to steal from the American taxpayers.
To which this DUer raises the ante:
Fri Mar-10-06 11:32 AM
Response to Original message
6. Absolutely!!!

And so should the major airports.

Ah, the twisted turns that one of our Rovian ploys takes... and these folks are all on top of it.

Is there any economic activity which couldn't be connected to national security (or national economic security) in some way?

Final statement regarding this whole kerfluffle. It's bad business to sign a contract and then pressure your partner to pull out - whether it's a small transaction like mowing someone's lawn or a large, multi-billion dollar ports deal.

And anytime these two jokers are smiling, I know that we've made a big mistake.

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