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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

David Duke & Harvard - A Match Made in Heaven Hell

Well, it seems that David Duke is all atwitter about his new found allies at Harvard. I won't put an actual URL link to his site, but here it is in text:

New Harvard Kennedy School of Government paper says what has said since even before the Iraq War

A Real Breakthrough in the Battle for the Truth!

by David Duke

The New York Sun has recently attacked me as well as the authors of a new report, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” by Stephen Walt, dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and John Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago.

The Harvard report contains little new information. I and a few other American commentators have for years been making the same assertions as this new paper. The great thing is that now the most prestigious school of government in the United States has adopted the same position that I took even before the start of the Iraq War, that Jewish extremists have taken over America’s foreign policy, harm America’s interests on behalf of Israel, and are the driving force behind the Iraq War and America’s disastrous Mideast policy.

Although the Sun and many other mainstream publications have attacked this new report, in actual fact the report does not go nearly far enough in exposing the perfidy of Israel and its fifth columnists in America.

The authors do show how Jewish extremists manipulated America in launching the disastrous Iraq War, and point out that the Israeli Lobby (whose agents are now being prosecuted for espionage) controls Congress and has dramatic influence in the executive branch.
Although the report discusses the destructive espionage of Jonathan Pollard for Israel, it doesn’t even mention the well-documented record of Israeli terrorism against the United States in actions such as the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty. It makes no mention of the fact that the Israeli Government and President recently honored and called “heroes” the Israeli terrorists who years ago firebombed American installations in Egypt in the Lavon Affair in s treacherous attempt to manipulate America into an unjustified war against Egypt.

If Jewish extremists don’t exercise power over American policy then how can one explain the fact that America continues to send billions of dollars to a nation that has ceremonies honoring admitted terrorists who attacked America? How can the highest leaders of the American government including President Bush and Vice-President Cheney support and speak at the meetings of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, even while its officials are on trial for espionage. (more...)

Larry Summers is smiling somewhere.... Harvard has gone from an institution of higher learning to an institution of higher anti-Semitism. As Christopher Hitchens has pointed out, the BDS that so infects the Left has blinded them from who their bedfellows are, from David Duke to George Galloway to the radical Islamists.

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