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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But, hey - We're really serious about the War on Terror!

Well, with the news that Massauoi may become the Left's latest cause celeb for Life In Prison vs. the Death Penalty and the fact that Russ Feingold has totally gone off his rocker, I laughed out loud when I saw the following post on DU:

Wed Mar-15-06 04:36 AM
Original message
It's Time To Forget September 11th

It’s time to forget September 11th. That’s right. You heard me. It’s time to push it out of our minds.

You can hoot and holler all you want about this concept. You can say I’m anti-American. You can even accuse me of spitting on the memories of all those who died. But you would miss the point of what I’m about to say here, because this has nothing to do with the heroes or victims, and nothing to do with politics.

This has to do with us. At this point, that’s all 9/11 is: Just one crazy day that happened four and a half years ago. It sucked, but we can’t change it. We shouldn’t let it change the American dream.

Look around, and you’ll find the only thing America’s confident in anymore is its military. Take that away—take the pageantry, the yellow ribbons, and the thanks to “our men and women serving abroad” before sporting events—and it’s clear that we think we have nothing to offer. We’ve grown soft in the era of get-rich-quick McDonald’s lawsuits. Our culture is vacuous, and our belief in it is missing. Even the best stuff we have—like our colleges—are too busy being reviled to be respected and enjoyed.

Yes, just "one crazy day"... full of laughs & hilarity... it was an aberration, yes... except for all of those prior terrorist attacks spanning decades.

However, after I wiped the coffee off of my laptop screen, the laughs kept coming as I scrolled down to the comments.... as always, the DUers always start off with a bang:
Syrinx Donating Member
Wed Mar-15-06 04:41 AM
Response to Original message
1. Exactly Wrong

Edited on Wed Mar-15-06 05:28 AM by Syrinx
9/11 didn't change everything (unless we let it), as so many people mindlessly parrot.

But it was a chillingly audacious crime. And we mustn't forget about it. We must get to the bottom of it. And hold the true perpetrators (or "traitors" for short) responsible in a real and meaningful way.


I don't know exactly (almost, I do) who THEY are.

But THEY killed Kennedy. They killed King. And they killed Kennedy again.

They tried to kill Reagan.

They promised weapons to Iran if they continued to hold the hostages.

They tried to frame John Lennon to have him deported.

They protect oil interests and military contracts above all else.

To which I can only say...

muuuhaaaaahhaaaaahaaaahaaa... If you only knew, Syrinx... if you only knew.

Then, this commenter takes the kindler, gentler approach to terrorism:
Behind the Aegis Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Wed Mar-15-06 05:02 AM
Response to Original message
4. I have to disagree. Updated at 7:41 AM

Edited on Wed Mar-15-06 05:18 AM by Behind the Aegis
We should never forget the tragedy of 9-11! To say something like that is akin to asking people to forget the Challenger disaster, the assassination of JFK or MLK, Jr., or Pearl Harbor. All of those tragedies shape who we, as Americans, are.

I agree that it shouldn't change the American dream, nor should it be used as political leverage of "you are with us or against us," but we mustn't ever forget! Forgive...perhaps, but not forget!

You say, "...that’s all 9/11 is: Just one crazy day that happened four and a half years ago." It is much more than that! It was the day that many Americans finally realized, what many other nations have known for years...NO COUNTRY is immune to terrorism! It was a "wake-up" call that we, Americans, are not untouchable. I don't EVER want my country to return to that ignorant and arrogant state of bliss! We are a part of this world, and we must act as such. The world is not our "playground" based on our terms.

I am proud to be American, but I don't want my home to return to a feeling of superiority (the current government has that covered). We must see the tragedy on our shores and empathize with the tragedies of other nations.

So, NO! It is not time to forget 9-11! It's time to remember that we are one race, human! It is time to remember that, on 9-11, the world said, "we are all Americans today." It is time to remember, that as Americans, "we are of the world, and they are of us. Their pains, should be our pains!" So, I say again, it is NOT time to forget 9-11!

Ahh, feel their pain. Perhaps Aegis will only truly understand the threat when he/she is in an orange jumpsuit, appearing in the latest flick on Al Jazeera.

And finally, here's yet another "progressive" view of the War on Terror - it's a criminal matter, nothing more... (there are more hilarious comments, but I won't bore you):
LittleClarkie Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Wed Mar-15-06 05:17 AM
Response to Original message
9. It's history. As such, it must be put in context.

Studied, understood, and the like. The old adage holds true: "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it"

Sad thing is, there are things that should have been done after 9/11, just as there were things to be done after the Twin Towers were attacked during Clinton's presidency. And he did them. He reacted like it was a criminal act, and he brought those criminals to justice.

What we need is to stop letting Republicans beat us over the head with 9/11, using it to bludgeon dissent.

Ahh, Bushco crushing dissent in the country... dissent such as a US Senator trying to censure the president... or dissent such as that aired every single day against the President and the majority party in Congress.

Yes, we just haven't had enough dissent in this country since 9/11...

And what better way to show OBL & Co that you're serious about "bringing them to justice" than to send the fuzz (either the FBI or Interpol) after them? What in the hell is littleJackie smoking? The perpetrators of 9/11 were incinerated with their victims... who in the hell would he arrest?

Perhaps if Clinton had treated the first WTC attack as a military attack, the towers would still be standing today.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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The Joker said...

Added to the ProtestWarrior DU compendium.

St Wendeler said...

Thanks, Joker.

Someday, they'll wake up from their BDS stupor and wonder what the hell they were thinking.

Fortunately, we'll be there to show them.