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Friday, March 10, 2006

Alas San Francisco

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Enough of San Fran Freako

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I am a San Francisco native. I love the town, or at least what it once was. When I had an opportunity to come back to California after many years “out there,” I was thrilled. Home to Northern California, my heart soared.

My brother, a few years older than me, recalled fondly the fleet’s homecoming after World War II. The parade of the glorious ships parading under the Golden Gate. San Francisco had had such an important role in that time. It was a history in which we all took pride.

I even took a sort of perverse pride in the San Francisco of the 60s. The Summer of Love, The Filmore, The Jefferson Airplane all were a testament to what a welcoming place the town was. The birth of gay political power with Supervisor Milk, though he held political views way to the Left of my own, was a welcome coming forth of an abused segment of the population. The years of the 49ers brought another side of the community to light. It seemed Joe Sixpack and the aging hippies co-existed. Dirty Harry… ah, Dirty Harry! And then the was Zodiac, something dark and terribly frightening. All of it was part of my town. Colorful, cosmopolitan, beautiful, forward-thinking.

But what do we have now under Major Nuisance and the Stooges?

Let’s look at some recent votes of the Board of Stupivisors:
1. They recently voted to seek the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney;
2. They voted to keep military recruiters out of schools;
3. They have officially dis-invited the U.S. Navy from using the city’s piers;
4. They rejected a museum for the USS Iowa,
5. They have voted to demand that FOXNews fire Bill O’Reilly.

They can not get the bums off the streets, but they can worry about who works for Fox Broadcasting.

San Francisco has become the laughing stock of the entire country. What once was open and inclusive is now boorish and elitist. I am embarassed by my hometown.
What is it going to take to change things? When are the citizens of this once great city going to get rid of these clowns? When are they going to appreciate the harm that is being done?

Alas San Francisco!

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn