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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Terror of 'Toons

Cartoon protest death toll up

Qalat - Four people were killed on Wednesday during new protests in Afghanistan against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, the army said, taking the death toll from five days of demonstrations to 11.

The latest deaths occurred as protestors and police clashed in Qalat, the capital of southern Zabul province, while new demonstrations were held in the national capital Kabul and in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

The continuing unrest in Afghanistan comes despite a joint call by the United Nations, European Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference for restraint and dialogue in the row over the drawings.

Talk about losing your life for a worthless cause...

What exactly are these riots and deaths supposed to achieve again? Will this bring about the caliphate? More likely, nutjob islamists that are killing each other over these cartoons will only get a muted apology from the Danes.

However, any people that are willing to collectively wear yellow stars of David in order to protect their Jewish citizens and neighbors from the Nazi onslaught isn't likely to be moved by a bunch of Islamofascists burning flags and killing each other.

Of course, the Islamofascists don't even believe that the Holocaust occurred... but somehow, it's a subject that can be used in a cartoon... wow, wrap your head around that "logic."

And it appears that 1 of the 3 most offensive cartoons (which were never published) has been identified as a fake. There's no doubt that word of this will NEVER reach the rioting idiots.

GatewayPundit also has this post of the rioters and compares them to the cartoons... The sign of a good editorial cartoon is that it contains some truth (which is why Ted Rall is just terrible.)

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