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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Identity Politics and Isolationism

Saw this today at NRO's The Corner:


Mass immigration has all kinds of harmful effects, from bigger government to security vulnerabilities to slowing mechanization in low-tech industries. But perhaps most dangerous is that its the fuel that allows white nationalism to spread, helping deconstruct the American nation. There's a piece in today's Post on a white nationalist conference near DC -- most hilarious is the left's fulminating over it, hilarious because white nationalism just the logical corrollary of multiculturalism ("identity politics for white people," as Ramesh wrote in a slightly different context). Now, some conservatives have claimed that immigration isn't the problem, and the solution is to continue mass immigration but get rid of multiculturalism (Ron Unz argued just that, here, though last time I talked with him, his views on immigration seemed to be changing). That may make sense in an undergraduate bull session, but in the real world, multiculturalism and mass immigration are inseparable, and the spread of white-identity politics can only be prevented by slowing immigration, as Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain argued in The New White Nationalism in America.

While I agree with Ramesh that white nationalism is just a natural extension of the Left's multiculturalism, I think it's just as destructive. Mass immigration and multiculturalism are not inseparable (as Krikorian asserts)... nor can the rise in white-identity politics only be halted by slowing immigration. Rather, recognizing that there is an American experience which transcends the color of one's skin or one's cultural heritage is the best way to stop the balkanization of America. America is a shining city on the hill and it is a beacon to people from around the world. Refusing to let others experience the joy that is America is the best way to reinforce white-identity politics... Exposure to people of other cultures, ethnicities, and skin color who shrae the exact same goals and motivations breaks down barriers. What better way to shatter these idiotic sentiments than to demonstrate that an Indian from Bombay has the same dreams and aspirations (with, dare I say, more of a determination to make them a reality?) as the white bread country-boy down the street?

The multiculturalist aims of the Left are destructive... that is clear, since it creates clear boundaries between groups on racial and ethnic criteria. But so is the establishment of a fortress America that Krikorian seems to promote.

Let's focus on eliminating the destructive identity politics of the Left, not the immigrants that are eager to become a part of the great American experience.

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