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Friday, February 24, 2006

Final - SERIOUSLY - Ports Post

read it:

The one guy clearly sticking to his principles is CNN's Lou Dobbs. But that's because he went bonkers a long time ago. The perfectly coiffed millionaire anchor has anointed himself the defender of Joe Sixpack, opposing every manifestation of globalization (save for CNN International, of course). He's perfected the art of the highbrow demagogue, maintaining a perpetual state of shock about how those fat cats are giving guys "like us" the shaft.

So it's not surprising that Tailgunner Lou insists that the review process that allowed the port deal to go through didn't take into account national security. Of course, for the author of Exporting America, it is axiomatic that all outsourcing, downsizing, or free-trading is against national security.

In response to the port decision, Dobbs ran one of his typically less-than-scientific online polls: "Do you believe national security should play a role in the national security review process?" He knew this was like asking "Do you think prostate exams should screen for prostate cancer?" He just didn't care.

And that's the point: Few politicians — or commentators — seem to care about the facts.

I liked Jonah's article b/c it's similar to my thinking on the issue... dumb politics, smart econ policy. Oh, and anytime Lou Dobbs is ridiculed is a good day in my opinion. He's such an idiot.

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Desert Rat said...

The most recent InstaPundit Podcast featured historian Jim Dunnigan and author Austin Bay discussing the UAE-port situation. Dunnigan especially made a compelling argument in favor of the deal. It makes for interesting listening.