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Friday, February 17, 2006

The conspiracy theories....

Blogging from an undisclosed location in a major US airport awaiting my very full flight back to home.... I decided to check out firedoglake. Otherwise known as FireDogLake: CSI.

We knew it would be inevitable, but the vitriol in various blogs (and even from some in the media) against the Vice President is astounding. Over at firedoglake, they have:

Assumed a coverup with the WH doctors....


Hi folks -

This stinks to high heaven - even in Texas.

Confused a shotgun injury with a "severe gunshot wound"
Q: What variable determines survival after severe gunshot wounds to the head, neck, and torso?

A: How long it takes the trauma victim to receive trauma center care (or the equivalent).

Blamed the local sheriff office for "bungling" an investigation simply because it found what they didn't want it to find.
An overabundance of Chief Wiggams in Kenedy County have now bungled the investigation and stalled it until everyone got a chance to get their stories straight, but fortunately these people are so accustomed to lying without challenge they don't do it very well.

And are using "Google Earth" as definitive terrain mapping for the region to determine if Cheney (as well as the victim!) is lying in his story of the incident.
Don't know if any of your other readers noticed this but the Sheriff included the approximate GPS coordinates of where he was told the shooting took place according to the group (N26 56.352 W97 50.42). I plugged those into Google Earth and it comes up in South Texas rural area. I was only able to zoom into and measure from what looks like the only road near the incident. In every measurement I took the road is from 450 to 550 feet from where the incident happened. According to the report the women were in the car on this road and were pretty far away. In the report Cheney also notes that Whittington was at a lower elevation than him, and that's why he got hit in the face. From the GPS coordinates given I did a 100ft circle around that to see the changes in elevation and they are less than 1 Foot.

They even want to do their own investigation, but from the air!
Maybe some of your other readers can get better access to or have more experience with satellite data. Someone could also do a flyover of the exact coordinates given if they have time.
Sorry, as a certificated pilot, there's no way someone can tell a height difference of 3 feet over a 30 yard space. That's "flat" from almost any height.

So I might as well ask the question... Is a hunting incident an impeachable offense?
More to follow.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Brian