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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Chill Wind

It really is sad that the US has turned into a fascist and totalitarian state... I mean, people who speak openly about their disdain for the government are being locked up across the nation.

Oh, wait... Andrew Marcus was at a protest yesterday and didn't see any of that.

Here's a link to his video (Windows or apple quicktime format)

The protests were organized by The World Can't Wait [for another try at a communist utopia - see Discover the Networks for info]. In addition to Andrew's adventure in Chicago, Jim Hoft bravely ventured out to witness the huge turnout on the streets of St Louis.

I also watched Ramsey Clark & the usual suspects on C-Span calling for the impeachment of Bush. Throughout the entire discussion, people and presenters all decried the fact that dissent is not tolerated. By this, they meant that it really smarts when people say they're unpatriotic or un-American when they say that the troops are terrorizing the Iraqis and that the US is the largest threat to world peace. While such criticism of their stupid thoughts might hurt, it is well-deserved. And saying that someone is unpatriotic is not an infringement on their First Amendment rights...

I'm still waiting for the Security Policy to swarm on one of these protests and take everyone away... Apparently, Bush is even so incompetent that his gestaats polizei ("gestapo" for short) can't put down a few ridiculous protesters. No, all that happens is these idiots are given more and more free time in the MSM to promote their ideas. Somehow, this increased exposure is considered to be stifling their dissent.

(Why do I have a feeling that Rove & Bush are pleased when these nutjobs are showcased in the press?)

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TrueLiberal said...

Ramsey Clark and his ilk need to realize that they are allowed to say what they want. That doesn't mean anyone has to think what they say is anything but moronic blather. Telling them it is blather is within my First Ammendment Rights. If they don't like it they can get off the friggen soapbox.

Desert Rat said...

For some reason, Clark and other Leftists believe that criticism of them constitutes censorship. Of course, criticism of conservatives is perfectly legitimate.