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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Moonbat Toon from Ted Rall

Ok, I can imagine this thing getting published online, in Mother Jones, or in the People's Weekly World... but why is Ted Rall a syndicated cartoonist? He's gone absolutely batty.

If this cartoon doesn't appear, here's the link.

If he had talent as an artist or if his commentary was insightful, I'd understand it. But his artistic talent is bested by my 4 year old son and his commentary is of a similar level as well.

What percentage of the population thinks that Flight 93 was shot down? What percentage of the population thinks that Bush & Cheney are covering up about Flight 93 being shot down, apparently brainwashing family members who talked to the passengers before they stormed the cockpit, implanting the audio transcript of the attempted takeover, and entering flight data that demonstrated erratic flying before the crash (instead of a simple explosion from a missile to one or more of its engines)?

I mean, we've got to be talking about a few thousand people...1/1000 of 1% of the country - and whackjobs all. And Ted Rall gets paid to put these ideas forth in newspapers around the country.

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