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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Watching Flight 93 and It All Comes Flooding Back...

As I write this, I am watching Flight 93 on A&E. Lord, how I hate our enemy. I know it clouds my judgment, and I will not let the beast of hatred have me for long. But for these few short moments I need to remember.

In the anger born of hatred is the energy that will see me and all of us through.

For you Lefties out there, you friends of the Islamo-fascists, watch this movie. Watch and remember. And then tell me you think it wrong to hunt them all down and kill them. Tell me there is another way to deal with these people.

The hatred and anger brings back the clarity.

I doubted the war in Iraq was the way to go. Hell, I still doubt it. But the war has brought our enemy to that place like cockroaches to a dirty kitchen. If nothing else, we are going to kill a hell of a lot of them. Maybe some other good will come of it, like deposing that, in the words of Patton, "paper hanging son of bitch," but for me I see it as the chance to destroy the enemy, and destroy them we must.

I hate them. They have earned that hatred. I will support this president until he has hunted them all down and killed them.

And anyone who gets in the way of that great cause, and yes I mean you Teddy, Durbin, Reid, Kos and your ilk, you will be but a greasespot on the highway of history.

I needed this reminder.

"Let's roll!"

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn

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Sean Sirrine said...

Although I share your hatred of the enemy, I think you're being a bit near-sighted by supporting this President just because he is going to hunt them down.

Other men/women would do the same and probably do it a bit better. Blind support of a leader because he is going to "fix those bastards" is exactly what got the Germans into trouble. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Know that there are plenty of us out there that are more than glad to have these bastards hunted down. We, however, aren't blinded by our rage.

Supporting our country means more than supporting our President. The President is just a figure-head. Our country is ruled by the people and for the people. Once the figure-head starts taking power to himself that he was never given by us, he is no longer the President of the people.

You keep on supporting the man that has decided to cut back the number of military when we're stretched so thin. You keep on supporting the man that has decided we don't need anymore money for the Iraq reconstruction which will mean more dead Americans. You keep on supporting the man that decided that it didn't matter where Bin Laden was. You keep on supporting the man that believes that he doesn't have to follow the law. You keep on supporting the man that decided we should go in to Iraq as thin as possible so it would be cheap rather than paying the money to keep more of our soldiers alive.

I instead choose to support our troops and anyone that is willing to stand up to the idiocy of this administration. Only when we get a real leader in the White House will we be able to finish the job. This guy is a putz and deserving of our loathing. He can't hunt them down because he doesn't know how.

Maybe at some point you'll realize this and start to support America instead of a man.

Desert Rat said...

Sean, certainly Bush has his shortcomings. But I shudder to think what might have happened to this country had Al Gore been president when this happened. That factually-challenged cretin would have formed a focus group and examined "root causes."

I keep hearing accusations that the president has taken on powers never granted him, but when it comes to specifics or proving fact rather than opinion, the Left is woefully inadequate.

Certainly, presidents in the past have taken to themselves powers never granted them -- FDR and Lincoln immediately come to mind. Lincoln's critics resorted to name calling (the Original Ape) and attacks on his family. Ultimately, he paid the price. With Roosevelt, he had more support. Possibly because the Republicans put patriotism ahead of partisanship and the fact that Stalin, the darling of the Left, was on our side.

Monterey John said...

When I was in the Army, just after the Battle of Agincourt, we had a saying: "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way."

May I suggest to our friends on the Left, pick option number three.

Sean Sirrine said...

desert rat, Although I agree with you that Gore would have botched it horribly I have a hard time understanding why I should support someone who obviously cares more about the costs of war than the soldiers.

As to the facts regarding Bush taking illegal action, I'm curious what you've been reading. As a law student that discusses this topic with law students, law professors, lawyers, and judges I can tell you without any reservations that Bush's wiretaps are patently illegal. A mechanism was in place to allow him to pursue these wiretaps in a legal manner, but he decided he could disregard the law. I'm not against the wiretaps, just the illegal way they were persued. It would have been very simple to monitor any calls they deemed necessary without a warrant. All they had to do was to tell the courts within three days of the monitoring. These are secret courts that don't report their cases to the public and have never declined to allow wiretaps that were put in front of them. How hard is that?

Instead, Bush and Co. thought they could just skip the whole judiciary. There is a reason that we have three branches of government. It is to protect us from any one branch taking too much power into their hands. I'm more than unimpressed that those on the right, (I'm a libertarian), believe that it doesn't matter if we just neglect to follow the law as it is written by Congress and then ignore the Judiciary.

You are correct about Presidents in the past taking more power, but never has a President ignored both the Congress and the Court at the same time.

I hope at some point that Republicans indeed put patriotism ahead of partisanship, but right now that is not happening. Rather than defend Bush on the things that he is doing right, Republicans are defending him on anything that he does. As I said before, he is just a man. Our country deserves better, and I will continue to support anyone that will do the job better than him.

St Wendeler said...

Actually, there is significant debate over whether FISA applies to the wiretaps, since it only requires warrants for targeting people within the US. Since the targets of the NSA wiretaps are foreign, FISA does not apply.

Or do you think FISA requires that all surveillance overseas requires the executive branch to get a warrant?

This discussion on Opinion Duel is enlightening as even Richard Epstein (who argues against the wiretaps) recognizes that it's within the authority of the executive. See this post by Richard Epstein:

"In addition, FISA does not deal with any effort to track calls that begin against al Qaeda cells outside the United States, which then lead to the United States. FISA only deals with situations where the target of the surveillance is a U.S. person or where that surveillance is 'acquired in the United States.' The debate over the legality of president's action covers only those last two categories of cases, not everything done by the NSA."

But hey, as a law student, I'm sure you know a hell of a lot more about the authority of the executive than either David Rivkin, Richard Epstein, the Attorney General, previous Supreme Court justices, etc, etc.

Of course, if you only get your legal opinions from those whose judgments are clouded by BDS, you get what you pay for.