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Monday, January 30, 2006

Update from Rove - Operation Deaniac

Received the following from Rove HQ:

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Message follows:

Looks like the operation "Deaniac" has produced some real results. However, it appears that the Democratic party may be becoming privy to the sad state of their affairs. (H/T Drudge)

Mon Jan 30 2006 10:52:31 ET

Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are privately bristling over Howard Dean’s management of the Democratic National Committee and have made those sentiments clear after new fundraising numbers showed he has spent nearly all the committee’s cash and has little left to support their efforts to gain seats this cycle, ROLL CALL reports.

Congressional leaders were furious last week when they learned the DNC has just $5.5 million in the bank, compared to the Republican National Committee’s $34 million.

Senate and House Minority Leaders Harry Reid (Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), along with the Senate and House campaign committee chairmen Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), have made their concerns -- directly or indirectly -- known to Dean, claims the paper.

Emanuel was particularly upset last week upon seeing the latest DNC numbers.

“A lot of people are scratching their heads as to what’s going on,” said one senior Democratic aide.

Another Democratic source familiar with the party fundraising apparatus said there is “obvious displeasure” among the leaders.


We all knew it wouldn't last forever. Internal Rovian polls currently show that Dean still has a sizeable majority in the Kos Kids faction, so the blustering from the party members may be just that, bluster. Either way, the damage has been done.

Here's to a wonderful '06 campaign season.


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Comments (3)
SicSemperTyrannus said...

Howie is like one of those crazy homeless panhandlers who ask for spare change on the subway or at the bus stop. You know if you give him money, he'll just spend it on cheap wine and cigarettes.

St Wendeler said...

And can anyone tell me what they've spent it on?

I mean, it'd be one thing if they could point to some gains that that money provided in the run-up to the mid-terms. But, as far as I can tell, it's just evaporated...

Brian said...

I wondered the same thing Saint. And seeing how its light on details, I wondered if it was just an accounting gimmick.

But based on the unhappiness expressed in the quotes, and the names of the pols involved, I'm guessing that the money they "thought" was there, isn't.

I think the mainstrame Dem party was ok with Dean being an idiot, because they were saying to themselves, hey, at least he's raising some money. If he has to say idiotic things to get the Kos Kids to write the checks, so be it.

But then the statements come in.... and there's hell to pay.

Looks like NRO's cover still applies even two years later: "[Elect] this man!"