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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sharon's Stroke Could Be God's Punishment According to Pat Robertson

It just could be time for Pat to go off to the home and do leathercraft and play bingo:

The Reverend Pat Robertson says Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke could be God's punishment for giving up Israeli territory.

The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network told viewers of "The 700 Club" that Sharon was "dividing God's land," even though the Bible says doing so invites "God's enmity."

Robertson added, "I would say woe to any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course."

He noted that former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Robertson said God's message is, "This land belongs to me. You'd better leave it alone."

H/T to Drudge

Could it be that Robertson has the same thoughts RE Sharon as these folks? More proof that he's nuts.

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St Wendeler said...

Now, let's be honest... Robertson clearly has lost whatever marbles he's ever had.

SicSemperTyrannus said...

From the apostle Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians:

12The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ. 13For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body--whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free--and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.

14Now the body is not made up of one part but of many. 15If the foot should say, "Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body," it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body. 16And if the ear should say, "Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body," it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body. 17If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? 18But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. 19If they were all one part, where would the body be? 20As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

27Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

I guess we know which anatomical reference applies to Pat Robertson, don't we?

Actually, I think arterio-schlerosis is setting in, or possibly Alzheimers.

49erDweet said...

As a conservative Christian I can only hang my head in shame that pat robertson doesn't have enough common sense and integrity to avoid expressing his personal - and controversial - ill thought out opinions on national tv.

What he says (before he thinks) doesn't reflect spiritual courage, nor does it show spiritual comprehension. What it does demonstrate is spiritual conceit!

Shame on the 700 club. They need to practice the discipline of silence.