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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Porkbusters & Lobbying Reform

N.Z. Bear at The Truth Laid Bear is getting the blogosphere to pressure GOP in Congress to revert to their reform-minded roots. Unfortunately, the House leadership has moved away from these roots shortly after Gingrich left as majority leader. The Hammer, while being a great Whip, was not an appropriate choice for majorty leader. The skills required to keep party members in line aren't exactly the same as those required to set a strategic policy vision.

We here at ARC back this push and look forward to a reform-minded agenda for the GOP. As I've mentioned here before, the best way to reform lobbying and special interest involvement in the federal government is to get the federal government out of people's lives - since it's this very involvement which motivates individuals to pool their resources to lobby the government. Until we have a limited government with clear and distinct boundaries, reform will only be focused on the margins.

Thanks to MontereyJohn for signing us up.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think simple transparency is enough to reform Lobbying. The problem is deep rooted in career politics. Get the government out of our lives? Hmm... I think put a cap on how long these corrupt idiots can stay in power. I hardly believe that they "represent" the people honestly when they've spent, in some cases, half of their lives as a politician.