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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Musings on Political Strategery

Found an interesting post over at Skymusings:

President Bush has a unique opportunity to be a president who serves goals larger than self, and he must not let this moment pass. With 3 simple acts, he can:

1.) Resolve all issues the Republicans are having with determining a 2008 nominee;
2.) Guarantee Republican control of the White House through 2016;
3.) Continue the trend of taking seats in the House and Senate;
4.) Continue to prosecute the War on Terror consistent with the Bush Doctrine;
5.) Give the 2008/2012 president the opportunity to choose the anticipated 3-4 Court appointees;
6.) End the democratic lock on the black vote forever;
7.) End the perception of "Republicans are bigots" forever;
8.) Be hailed as the Lincoln of our time;
9.) Be hailed as the Washington/Cincinnatus of our time;
10.) Reduce the democratic party to the point that they will be forced to re-form into a viable opposition;
11.) Prove to be the Uniter he has promised for so long;
12.) Restore faith in the minds of the voters regarding political figures and service to the country.

The acts are very simple, albeit unusual and unprecedented. They require considerable personal and political will, especially the final one; if done correctly his name will be chiseled on pedestals from the Right and the Left as a great president and civil-rights champion.

Following the 2006 elections, there will be a 2-year period of relative lame-duckness in his administration. Iraq is becoming more stable by the day and can reasonably be predicted to be close to self-sufficiency by mid-2007. This point in time would be ideal for Vice-President Cheney to retire gracefully, having served his country proudly in a variety of positions spanning decades. His health concerns and desire to spend time with his family would begin to override the need to advise the president, and with Iraq stabilized he could rest secure in the knowledge that his services are no longer as necessary as they once were. Heartfelt congratulations abound, the "Cheney lightning rod" exits, and a grateful nation wishes the Vice-President well.

This would leave an opening for Vice-President.

That was Step One.

Step Two is probably obvious to most at this point: nominate Condoleezza Rice for Vice-President. There would be a small tussle for confirmation, but eventually she would be confirmed by the Republican majority and the dems who don't dare vote down a supremely qualified black woman for the Number Two spot. She was confirmed for State 85-13, so it is reasonable to assume she would also get the nod for promotion.
But wait; There's More....

This part is the true test of character. In late 2007 Condi is confirmed and has been the VP for several months and has been brought up to speed. Of course, she has had a huge head start by being the president's national security advisor and secretary of state. There's probably very little she does not know already.

Step Three: George Bush steps down as president, declaring that the country is in good hands.
Read the whole post, as it goes into greater detail regarding Skymuse's justification for the 3 step process (some of which I've left out here).

I agree with the possibility of Cheney stepping aside and Condi taking over the Number 2 spot. As I've said many times on this blog, I'm pushing for Condi in '08. Sadly, she has rebuffed any inquiries into the possibility. For some reason, I have a feeling that she seriously does not want the top job after seeing the way that Bush has been treated.

Anyway, I'm with Skymuse right up until Step 3 - the Bush steps down part... while I agree that it strengthens Condi's position (since she'd be essentially an incumbent in '08), I can hear the howls and cackles from the Left and their propaganda arm in the MSM about Bush establishing a monarchy. No doubt Rove would be portrayed as the puppetmaster behind Condi, continuing to run the government for the "Aunt Jemima" that the Left perceives Condi to be.

I think there's no better way for the GOP to accomplish items 1 through 12 (well, 2 through 12) outlined by Skymuse above than by having Condi successfully win the nomination and beat the tar out of the Democratic nominee. And regardless of what happens, I seriously doubt that the Left or the MSM will ever hail Bush or give him appropriate credit for any achievement.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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