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Monday, January 09, 2006

Lileks' Screedblog

Be sure to check out Lileks' Screedblog today. Highlights are that people that worship regularly are "happier"

From the Sunday Strib editorial page (not on the web, alas) a little mini-demi edit:
Does religion make you happy and successful? Or are happy, successful people more likely to attend church? Economist Jonathan Gruber recently studied the question – measuring religious observance while controlling for socioeconomic factors such as income. He found that regular formal worship really does seem to improve a family’s economic outcomes, increased children’s chances of graduating from high school and reduce the likelihood of getting divorced or going on welfare.
Bully for them. Now here’s where it gets good. And remember, I do not come at this from a Ned Flanders perspective. I am not Ned Flanders. But I would rather have him as a neighbor than anyone else in Simpsonland.
Gruber’s findings, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, can’t quite explain the link between faith and happiness.
Understand that to some people, this is like saying they can’t quite explain the link between water and wet.

He then responds to the normal idiotic rant of the Left on the WOT and the NSA "snoopgate" as expressed in a letter to the editor in the Star-Trib.
The other joy comes from the letters to the editors, which are a daily source of insight into the things that make people shout into the great dark barn that is the editorial page. You learn things. From a fellow in Moorhead:
Those Bush apologists who have been filling your pages with the claim that the president as commander-in-chief in the war against terrorism has the right to investigate without restraint or external oversight ought to consider this thought experiment.
Rest assured that the author believes that his ideas have never been considered by the other side, and will come as a crippling blow to their self-regard. (The letter was given the title “See the Problem?” Yes! The goggles, they do nothing!)
Read the whole thing to the end, as Lileks utterly destroys this guy's argument.

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